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2005-07-11 - 8:57 p.m.
On the Beach

I left work early today because I felt craptastic. And coming from someone with IBS it takes a lot to get me to leave work. I got my work done and my assistant did a couple time critical things. After, we had to take my car to the dealer and drop it off so it could be first in line in the morning. It ate a CD a couple of weeks ago and won't give it they had to order a whole new radio/CD unit. Then they will send the original back to Subaru, who will take it apart AND send my cd back. I've also got a blown fuse (I think) and every time I turn on the headlights, the radio they need to install a filter or something in the electrical system.

here's a handy safety tip...your car's warantee will cover a cd that gets stuck as long as it doesn't have a stick on paper label. So if you are burning mix CDs, probably oughta label with the trusty sharpie pen.

Dinner was rotis chicken and green beans. Day one, and I've stuck to South Beach.

Baby steps people. Baby steps.

Actually, I'm kinda using SB as a guide. I'm not good at following things exactly. I figure if I manage to cut out white flour products and fast food, I should be in good shape. Taco Bell knows me too well....

Used leftover chicken and made SB friendly chicken and black bean chili to take for lunch this week. It's simmering now and smells HEAVENLY.

Gotta find non-egg breakfast options. Eggs are just...gross. I may end up with cheese cubes and lunchmeat....

I spent most of last night on the couch....the snoring was deafening. I thought he was doing it on purpose after awhile. I wanted to smother him. I told him that I am going to titty twist him if he snores tonight.....and I am not riding the couch again. I needs my beauty sleep!

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radiogurl - 2005-07-12 01:25:48
Actually I have no problems with low-carb diets except I just miss my bread and my chocolate. And I'm out of low-carb chocolate, darn it.
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