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2005-07-09 - 8:26 p.m.
Family day

Nice day. Yesterday, Husband's sister called and said they'd be going through our city on their way home from a family do in MI, and she'd give me a call and we maybe all hook up.

This morning Husband was in a parade, then he came home, and we tidied. Not easy....since the upstairs is torn up due to the painting in process. Then we went to the antique show and to art in the park. Where we got a call from the in laws, who were in town. Raced them to get back to our house first to do some final tidying, and there they were.

They have a big new house in a big new neighborhood, and we.....don't. But it was neat and tidy and we all had a nice visit. ordered pizza for dinner, which I felt kinda bad about....I would have liked to put on a spread, but I just didn't have enough lead time. Nice visit, kids were adorable, and SIL and I had a nice visit. The kids had a great time chasing one of the cats around, then they all watched The Incredibles. SIL took pix, so I will post them when she sends them.

But it was nice. Nice evening, hanging with family, just...hanging.

Sometimes those are the nicest times of all.

3 comments so far
LA - 2005-07-09 21:46:46
Those are my favorite times too. ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-07-09 22:29:10
I'm glad you enjoyed your family's visit - and you're right, the times when no one gets angry or hurt or snotty are the best of times. :)
Pandi - 2005-07-09 22:59:40
Gee, you mean people can hang out with family and not have it turn into something dysfunctional? No tension? No people reading nonsense into innocent comments? Ah, pardon the snark. I'm only too glad to read that such things are possible. With my family, it will never happen again. So more power to ya for realizing the joy that you have. Hugs!
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