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2005-04-06 - 8:32 p.m.
the return of crabby appleton

I'm writing you from my shiny new laptop while wirelessly connected to the 'net and sitting all comfy on my couch.

512 megs of RAM ROCKS.

Yes it does.

Still having some issues with the network....tivo was happy, now tivo isn't happy, but we know the network is working. So I'm kind of stumped. But I will keep at it.

OK. Today is one of those days where Husband is IRRITATING me. No reason. But from the moment he came home (LATE) this evening, he was on my last nerve. "How long should I heat the meatloaf? Should I heat it all or just a slice? What about the potatoes? Can I put this plate in the microwave?"

GAH. Heat the freakin' meatloaf until it's as warm as you like it.

And then. The eating noise. Good lord. Slurp gulp. I'm not going to take the damn stuff away from him. Slow it down and use some decorum.

And with this whole network thing....I have done it ALL. I am way smarter than I thought I was.

So anyway....I think he knows I'm crabby. Poor guy. Getting 'tude from me for no good reason.

This week at work has been something else. Lots of technical stuff due to Indiana's non time change. I have seriously been pulling ass outta the fire all week. Yay me. But man. Tired. And crabby.

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LA - 2005-04-06 22:59:54
I, too, am crabtastic. You drive east, I'll drive west. Let's meet in the middle for a good bitch fest and some booze. You up for it? ~LA PS: I always knew you were smart. Way smart. One of the reasons you delight me.
radiogurl - 2005-04-07 00:05:43
Hey - I didn't even notice until now that you're in Indianapolis. Maybe after I get there and get established we can meet up and exchange notes on why the radio biz makes us all crabtastic!
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