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2004-07-23 - 8:37 p.m.
I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan

Allow me to toodle my own horn with vigor.

So. After working all week, I came home and made:

Corn salad

Cole slaw

Cucumber salad

Cream cheese and relish dip

Put the fruit salad in the fridge to thaw. (OK, I opened a bag on that one...)

This means that all that needs doing tomorrow is final tidying and the meat and beans. Husband is making the burgers.

I feel ok about this.....stuff is planned, food is made, and the forecast is for sunny and mid seventies....with low humidity. UnHEARD of in Indiana in July.

I'm also very tired.

Had an interesting shrink session. I rambled as usual, and then she asked me about something I have a "passion" for. Like, WHAT do I have a passion for. And I sat there like a lump. The answer is nothing. I'm not passionate about my yoga or my skating or my crocheting. I LIKE all these activities, but I'm not PASSIONATE about them.

I'm one big ball of walking apathy.

And a big shout out to Pandionna, who linked to me yesterday and got me like 20 some hits just from her page!

Anyway....that's it from here....maybe I'll take some pix of the party and post.


How discouraging!

2 comments so far
Pandionna - 2004-07-23 22:26:41
Sounds like you're going to have the perfect day tomorrow. Enjoy! (And of course, I couldn't let that brownie recipe go unheralded! You rule!)
LA - 2004-07-24 09:45:55
Party on, dudette! ~LA
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