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2004-02-15 - 10:27 p.m.
Another weekend, frittered away

I feel slightly guilty, as I pretty much sat on my ass all weekend. Oh, a shitload of laundry did get done, and the sheets got changed and the bedroom picked up, but I mostly sat on my ass and crocheted my life away.

And you know what? I think I needed that!

My wonderful auntie sent me a care package of patterns and instruction books and hooks. I found a pattern for a baby quilt that looked pretty easy, so I started working on it. I'll be's starting to look like....a baby quilt! A little big, since I'm using a bigger hook than the pattern calls for. Oops. But it dawned on me that Husband's co worker and his wife are having a baby next if I get this finished and it's presentable, I'll give it to them.

Lemme tell ya, working the yarn is an incredible way to while away the hours. I looke up and hour has passed. I am definitely taking this on the road next time we go to the Smokies!

We had a nice V-Day. Went out for "dunch" at a lovely Italian place. Great food, EXCELLENT service. We then went to my parents' house to take care of their cat, etc. Last week, it was the garage ceiling that caved in in one place from water damage from an ice damn. THIS week, TWO of the toilets were leaking. One from the back at the floor, and one at the connector going into the tank. So I mopped up, turned off water where applicable, and left them a message "The ceiling is fixed, the toilets are broken. My house is a lot older, but it's sure less trouble!" My dad called back and I described the problem....he'd already solved the tank leak problem in the master bath by replacing the supply line. He described the ones used by the builder as "cheap ass". SO anyway......I'm beginning to be afraid to go over there, not knowing what I might find!

Can't stop thinking about my friend and her asshole husband. How come men get to pull that "whaaa, I'm in crisis, feel sorry for me while I figure out what I waaaaant" crap, and women don't? If ya ask me, women's lives are the ones far more likely to go to shit with marriage and kids. Poop and balanced meals and child care and the sheer LOGISTICS of running a family with kids fall to the woman, oh, 90+% of the time. How come we don't have more women going into self pity and whining and hurting their families?

Oh. Yeah. Because they are probably

too tired.

Normally, I'm good at seeing both sides. I'm one of the only womenfolk I know who will step in and say "you know, maybe you should just be glad he folds the towels, instead of scolding them for doing it "wrong"" when the husband stories start. I DO think in a lot of cases, we are such control freaks about stuff around the house that men CAN'T win. They won't make the bed right, the milk will be on the shelf and not in the door (or vise versa), and the IDIOT will put the peanut butter in the fridge. None of which REALLY matters in the giant scheme of things (though cold peanut butter DOES wreak havoc with white bread....), all of which I can guarandamntee you that some poor man has been scolded over like he put a watermelon on top of the bread while bagging groceries.

That said, I can find nothing defensible about friend's husband. NOTHING. Because, to me, he is making a CONSCIOUS DECISION to be a fucker. He is CHOOSING to be hurtful and obnoxious and to ignore the promise he made to her, and by extension, to their son. AND, he is choosing not to try to fix things.

And I know it's not my problem, and not really even my business, but it's still been on my mind much of the weekend.

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LA - 2004-02-16 07:27:54
I love when my hands cooperate and I can crochet for hours! It's wonderful to "do nothing" yet accomplish something. ~LA
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