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2004-02-20 - 12:08 a.m.
Uneventful week

Can a week be busy and uneventful at the same time? That's kind of where we are.

Tomorrow evening we have a radio station function. We've sold less than 20 advance tickets. That's a lot of leftover munchies. I am unable to weasel out of putting in an appearance....I actually asked the staffer who was lining up people to work the event "what's the absolute least I can do?"

Go team. That's me.

Husband and I spent the evening at the car dealer. I matter what, you feel like you've been screwed. The lease on my Subaru Forester is up in a couple of months. I'm cool with keeping it...I really love it. car payment would most likely not go down if I chose to purchase it, and I'd be upside down in the loan, as most car loans end up. So I was poking around the Subaru web site, and discovered that thru the end of the month, you can lease a new Impreza for 200 bucks a month. Hmm. I AM a car slut, and would have a new car once a year if I could. And yes, I know the smart thing is to get a car that's a couple of years old, blah blah, drive it forever, blah blah. But I don't like that. I'd much rather budget for a monthly car payment than drive a beater that's costing me a car payment in repairs every month. (Hey...I drove a Renault Alliance in college....I know alllll about the "free kitten" aspect of a paid for car)

So anyway...our painfully young and adorable little salesman worked some numbers for us, we drove an Impreza, the financing guy came out and gladhanded us, and we still managed to walk out. I think they hate that. But we're gonna call little jeremy/kyle/brandon back and make a deal with him. To his credit, he didn't really try to "sell" us. And the thing is, for whatever reason, I'm a Subie person for good, I think, so he didn't really need to sell me. It was all about the money...I gave him my printout from the web site, and said "make this happen, make it so I don't get too nicked by early termination, and we're good" I've just been so dang happy with my Forester, that I can't think of a reason to change brands, and if the worst thing was that I kept my old car, well, that would be ok too.

I always feel a little sad when I get a new car...I don't know what it is. I think I have enough of my frugal mother in me that I think I should still be driving that Renault, yanno? Part may be buyer's remorse....who knows. But in the end, I like having a new car. Especially when it saves me 50 bucks a month.

What else this week? Had my annual poke and prod. Discovered that my cervix is tipped, or inside out, or something. It was the least fun poke and prod ever....I have no idea what she was doing, but it was supremely uncomfortable.

Well, should hit the sack. I had a dream this morning that I overslept until 4:30 in the afternoon.....hope it's not a premonition....

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