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2005-10-07 - 8:43 p.m.

So what does it mean if it looks like I am going to bite through my new bite guard in a couple weeks? That can't be good.

I'm doing my best to hold it together at work, but I feel like I'm just barely holding on. Tonight there was a screw up on air, TOTALLY my fault. I'd like to blame PART of the mess up on the fact that while I was trying to write an automation script, two people were in the studio yammering at me.

I think what bugs me is that sometimes it feels like people think I'm never working on something that requires any concentration. Well guess what? I DO need to concentrate. And when you yammer useless stuff at me while I'm staring intently at the computer screen, I might just screw up.

But it's still my fault. I know that.

We learned the foxtrot tonight at our dance lesson. I really like these lessons, and love our instructor, all 80 pounds of her.

No big plans for the weekend. Husband has a football game to go to tomorrow, so I'm on my own.


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Belle - 2005-10-08 18:25:32
Whee! We can be alone together! About the bite-guard. You sound really stressed out. Have you ever tried a technique called progressive muscle relaxation? I'm about to learn it. It's basically tensing and releasing your major muscle groups in progression from your feet up to your jaw. As part of the research I'm doing for work, I just received a book and CD about it, so I'm going to try it. I can tell you more about it privately, if you want. I don't want to sound like I'm spamming your comments, heh.
radiogurl - 2005-10-08 10:47:59
Ugh - I know what you mean. I don't write the computer programming, but have to handle other aspects of stuff. It gets to be challenging...
radiogurl - 2005-10-08 10:48:55
Please forgive the overly-technical language in the previous post. I'm still not conscious enough to have a clue what I'm typing LOL
LA - 2005-10-08 08:25:20
Alone? For a whole day? Fainting with envy, ~LA
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