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2005-07-28 - 10:24 p.m.
pictures from my summer vacation

Here are some of my pix. Yes, I look like there should be a whale alert for the Long Island Sound. Tough. I was a happy whale.

Yes, our tire disintegrated. It could have been realllllllly ugly.

Here's the place where the festivities were held. My late great aunt's place. We had the most gorgeous weather.

Back to work has been crazy. All day yesterday was spent in a workshop, as was this morning, then it was baseball day. Once a year, a local law firm lets us use their fancy suite at the minor league park. We get food, and take the afternoon off. Much fun.

The workshop was part of an ongoing process we're working on to improve workflow, etc. I'm loving it. As a sociology major, I get into this stuff. Captain Freezy, however, is the bad attitude poster child, and exhibiting an amazing lack of insight and a complete absence of any ability for self examination.

I don't like him any more.

The Sims are evil. EEEEEVIL. Time suck. I can't figure out how to build a house w/o using the money cheat. So far, I've built houses modeled after mine, Husband's old house, and my gramma's house. Wish I could get my sims to be more social. I need to do more research.

Am exhausted. But I COULD get used to this three day week thing....

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radiogurl - 2005-07-29 04:59:57
Yikes! That tire is bad... You're right, it could have caused an accident. And how the HECK did you manage a three-day week, working in radio??? Dang, I'm officially jealous now, lol.
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