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Dramatis Personae

">Cast List
">A leeeetle cranky
">Waiting my turn
">Holy Vertigo Batman!
">Show business....
">Weekend update
">When do I get a turn??
">Cold and Roe
">Oooshy mushy about Husband
">Fat fat the water rat
">All workshopped out
">Do I fail the personality test?
">Same ol same ol
">Scary Toilet returns!
">Deep Thought
">Another round with Darth
">A good talkin' to
">Do I LOOK like the magic 8 ball?
">Make that THREE calls
">Define "time off" for me
">Out with the old
">Road trip
">sunday and the new drug
">Prozac and pictures
">Odds and Ends
">New cubes and old girlfriends
">Hm. I don't remember eating THAT.
">The week thus far
">The usual weekend and sick chicken
">Something completely different....
">Second day, same as the first
">Holiday weekend over
">Not at work!!
">quick update
">Checking in
">Rain. Imagine that
">Sunday ALREADY?!?!?
">My Diaryland Trading Card
">outta gas
">Next Day
">Ack! He's working against me!
">Well thank god for the diva
">Hard to believe....
">Weekend? There was a weekend?
">soul sucking follow up
">ahh the weekend
">That's the sound of the man.....
">No more Scary Toilet!
">Scary election, scary toilet
">Poof you was gone...
">Not particularly nurturing.....
">A chilly Friday
">My head is spinnin....
">We need A System
">Weekend wrapup
">Drizzly Saturday
">Hmm. A badge of honor?
">Small whine, more pictures
">Weekend Recap
">little pic
">quickie update
">Whew ! Survived that!
">Pictures to help me remember
">Only four days....
">Back to the real world
">Travel story
">Checking in
">The Bride
">Shouldn't I be BUSIER?
">More errands
">A fat woman vents
">T minus....
">It's Bride Time!
">Where IS it?
">One week!
">Foiled by Formula One
">Waaah. I'm in a wet paper bag and can't get out!
">Finally, September 12
">Boy, is MY face red
">The rest of the story
">Falling on my Sword
">Not much
">Monday will ALWAYS getcha, even if it's on Tuesday....
">Oy Vey
">Potatoes and computers
">No good deed goes unpunished....
">Monday so far
">"I don't want to hear this"
">Sappy Stuff about Beloved
">Electronics hell
">Banging head against wall......
">Was their name on the invitation?
">The bed!
">What a drain....
">Ugh. Sopranos. Not the show.
">groundhogs and idiot divas
">Gonna getchoo gohper!
">Breaking my arm.....
">a grumpy update
">Life goes on
">Life goes on
">OK. Finished with it
">Peyton Place
">My bridal decree
">Road Rage
">Weekend's already shot!
">Bridezilla meltdown
">Oh, BeHave
">Hmm. Work tomorrow, eh?
">taking a break
">Diva explosion
">A little catching up
">Monday ramblings
">UGH. I hate her. I rillyrilly do.
">Go carts and JWs
">Snits, exes and antiques
">Flo and the Junior League meeting
">Whine, no cheese
">Wow. Stunned
">Retail hell
">Sometmes, I REALLY hate my gender
">Celebrity marriage
">What a loser!
">Fucking Fascists
">Health and Money
">Still alive
">Much better, thank you
">I was wrong
">Colz one note
">Premature optimism
">Still alive
">Day three
">Solid Food!
">Day two. Ow.
">Teeth are Gone
">Tooth Day
">All At Once The Feeling Can Hit You
">All At Once The Feeling Can Hit You
">Sunday night...BORING
">Thursday Morning
">Quick update
">Hot, Hot, Hot
">This and That and Things and Stuff
">No Joy
">The guiltys
">Can't sleep
">Boring update
">A bad mood for Friday
">I did it, but I'm still scared
">Big Wuss
">He is in Troubbbbbble
">Would you please LOOK before changing lanes?
">Weekend adventures
">Ow, owie ow
">Customer (lack of )Support
">Who wouldn't love him?
">Nice day
">Two conclusions over lunch...
">The arrogance
">Thrilling Friday night
">Co-worker grumbling...the usual
">Two hefty bags and not a dent!
">A massage with scented oil. And Issues.
">Not sure why I'm even trying.....
">The gigglesnort twins
">Where's the light?
">Mother's Day
">Health whine
">Need to motivate
">Oh for shit's sake.
">Stuff and Things
">Lucy runs a radio station
">It just keeps getting worse
">Waves of Nausea
">Stomach turning
">Suzy Homemaker
">Not much got done today
">Wheeee! I'm a princess!
">Don't make me go
">"This isn't a hospital, it's an insane asylum!"
">Love, honor and WHAT???
">Nothing much to tell
">Engineers and diamond rings
">Angry Callers, Wailing Children and Video Drivers
">Growl snarl hiss
">Shot to hell--again
">Things and religion
">Just another day
">It's because I'm so important, you know....
">Not gonna die after all!
">He loves me
">Would I like cheese with that?
">Bea Arthur and Ozzy Osbourne
">An audience with the Diva
">Short Day
">Cough Cough
">Sniff sniff cough
">But I don't know anyone in prison!
">Fancy Places and lost friends
">Why do they even bother to ask??
">What month is this again?
">Drama Queens and Divas
">Monday ramblings
">Fund drive hell
">No. I don't want kids.
">I HATE sports!
">My Beloved
">They're coming to take me away ha ha hee hee ho ho
">Whine without cheese
">Here's a reason I'm embarassed to be an American sometimes....
">Financial crap
">Why I love my Beloved. By Colz.
">Not much for monday
">Damn people
">Cash Bars are tacky and other wedding crap
">Janet's abs and bad parenting
">Cold inside and out
">Miscellaneous and kids at weddings
">Wide Awake
">Wanna see a picture?
">The county dump
">More excitement
">More ink
">Boring update
">Skating weekend
">Well, first of all...
">Gimme Gimme Gimme
">She's finally flipped!
">Are we there yet?
">Coupla things....
">The week continues.....
">I've chilled a little bit
">handle with care
">Burgers and weather
">Wednesday Ramblings
">Man, being a bride is hard work!
">Have I mentioned that I hate mondays?
">I'm still around
">So excited I'm vibrating!
">Short Hello
">Premature yay me
">Hummin' along
">Busy Monday
">I'm akseered!
">Busy Busy
">A little catching up
">I should have been a brain surgeon
">Conveniently Located
">The Day After
">Late night adventure
">Road Trip
">Freaky Friday
">odds and ends
">Stupid Listener
">Busy weekend
">Potential Dream House
">Big ol' meanie
">Please take your original with you....
">Snot nose
">Church stuff
">Loose lips
">Shooting breaks the boredom
">Boring entry
">Goooood Morning. (ptooey)
">Stunner at Staff Meeting
">My sister
">A rant, a retraction
">Party recap
">Circle of hell
">Ethel Mertz goes Shopping
">Phone Answerers
">Not Much
">A tolerable Sunday
">OK, let's try this again....
">Road trip
">Julie London rules!
">Odds and Ends
">911, What is your emergency?
">Nattering, etc
">Hey Loooosie
">Icing on the cake of my day....
">colz the grouch
">Tantrums and Shallow Hal
">Worry Wart
">Mean God
">What a Lazy Butt!
">The nose
">Head exploding at work again
">More on morons
">Woo hoo!
">Business Hours
">Stomach Ache
">Church Shopping
">Warning: mushy entry ahead
">A Rant Amended
">A good day crapped upon
">Tom Petty was right
">Scolded by a volunteer
">Small change
">Alone again--wheeeee
">No alone time for me
">Small follow up
">The Issue
">Mundane Wednesday
">Stupid drivers!
">Whew. What a day.
">The Perfect Women
">Odds and ends
">Freaky dream
">Damn rain!
">Grammar peeve
">Up on the roof
">Dialing for dollars
">Constant Interruption
">Still around
">I'm baaack
">Last minute
">Short timer
">Too EARLY!
">Mood Swings
">Sleep at last
">Ugh. Kids
">Cough cough cough
">Freaky Dreams
">Shredding, shredding, shredding
">Very Tired
">Busy day
">Sex and Candy
">Sunday ramblings
">blame the victims
">Long day.
">more of the mundane
">tappity tap
">dreams and screams
">rise 'n not shine
">Huh. I AM a Leo
">Do I wanna quit skating?
">Peyton Place
">tuesday morning
">I Hate Sundays
">local celebrity
">freaky dream
">Nuts..enn vee tee ess Nuts
">More about me
">Number 1

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