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2006-08-02 - 10:48 p.m.
A bit of chill in the heatwave

I guess I may have mantioned before how my "promotion" was met with....well, thisclose to open hostility by my co workers.

I had a shrink appointment yesterday, and I was all about "It's not my issue, it's her issue, it's not my issue, it's her issue", but my mantra isn't working right now.

First off, there is weirdness with former Ass GM and GM. That's....that's...weird and uncomfortable and all that, but really, theirs to work out, though I will say former Ass GM is being treated rather badly in all this.

Where do I fit in all this? Where I fit is as the periodic (inappropriate, IMO) target of resentment and snarkiness. Former Ass GM and I are working on keeping the lines of communication open. I told her today that she needed to keep in mind that while yes, her situation was sucking big time, directing crap at me was not really appropriate. Yes, GM is now talking to me, I have more responsibility, etc, etc, but I should not be treated as though I climbed over everyone and was shitty and underhanded in getting "promoted", because I didn't and I wasn't. I didn't strive for any of this. And I CERTAINLY did NOT mistreat any of my coworkers, or behave unethically or unprofessionally. I was not an apple polishing, butt kissing unctuous suckup. I just did my job, damn well, I might add.

Now. DQ. She's being professional, but oh, it's still chilly, make no mistake. She's bitched at GM twice about his decision to make me PD. There is so much that pisses me off about this. First, she's all full of hot air about "the sisterhood" and supporting women in the workplace, etc, etc.

I call bullshit on THAT, right now. Totally disingenuous.

Secondly, I have NEVER, EVER been anything but professionally supportive of her. And I did not get the same back from her. Not by a long shot. I got "oh, I think any of us can do that job".

No. You can't, you hyperactive drama queen. I can't do her job as well as she does, but at the same time, the reverse is also true.

So. At a loss. Going to work with constant mild hostility is....unpleasant, to say the least. I feel like I'm being unfairly targeted....the recipient of a bunch of misdirected undeserved crap.

At this point, I'd really like to give DQ a great big F U. I'm not a confronter, so that's not going to happen, at least not until I REALLY get to the end of my rope.

I guess part of what's pissing me off is that ONCE AGAIN, I trusted and opened and let (what I thought was) a friendship develop and ONCE AGAIN I got shit on.

Will everyone really do this? Is it inevitable that in the end, people will screw you over? Because I'm getting really tired of it. Of trusting and being let down, nay, BETRAYED by people.

God. People are such shits.

You know what I am wrestling with? I'm wrestling with going in to GM's office and saying "Yanno, the crap and hosility have gotten to me, and I'd just like to go back to my old job, thankyouverymuch". Let one of the dramaDivatwins take over. See how well that works out.

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zen - 2006-08-02 23:56:14
don't back down and don't let them win colz! you know you are doing a great job and don't ever let them make you feel otherwise. sometimes it's so hard to maintain friendships in the workplace, especially when you work closely together or there's any sense of jealousy or competition which obviously is DQ's problem. NOT yours! gawd, sorry, here i go on babbly giving assvice again. forgive me! i just hate to see women get knocked down by other women and it makes me want to knock down DQ. (ironic eh?) hey, the best revenge is doing a bang up job and just smile sweetly while doing so!*grin* then come let loose with us here in diaryland!! ...~zen
radiogurl - 2006-08-03 01:27:49
Been there, done that, and you're right - it sucketh. I had to suck it up and fight and got absolutely nowhere in the process. Unfortunately my biggest enemy at the moment is my boss. Ms. Crapola Wonder our morning Diva isn't worth my energy.
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