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2006-07-21 - 9:24 p.m.
First week back

So yeah, I'm fine. Just haven't written. Not much to talk about. Back to work this week, feeling ok, some residual owieness. Two of the three steri strips have come off, and the incisions look really good. I have follow up with the surgeon on Monday.

First week back was ok. My assistant did a really good job of taking care of stuff while I was out. I rag on him all the time here, so I have to give him credit where it's due. So I could ease back into stuff. I'm still learning some of the responsibilities of my new position, so having him get some stuff done was good.

Speaking of job responsibilities...

I knew that DevDir (formerly Ass GM) wasn't going to run the fund drive this fall. I was not that thrilled about it, because she DOES run a fine fund drive.

I am even less thrilled now. Yesterday I was told that GM and I are going to run the drive.


Fuckity fuck fuck.

I am NOT a development person. I am a programming person. I can execute the plans just fine. I can offer input in the planning stages.

But I can't fricking co-run a drive.

No. I can. I will. Because that's what I do. But I don't think it's a good idea. And I'm kind of pissed about it, because I feel like I'm being put in a really bad position. I mean, two on air drives bring in a pretty decent part of our budget. Failing isn't really an option, but still....

And did I get my raise when my title changed? Nope. I have to have a sit down with the boss over this issue. Because if more and more crap keeps getting piled on my plate, I'm going to need to be compensated.


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radiogurl - 2006-07-22 00:24:37
What IS it about radio that requires a snowballing collection of duties with ZERO compensation...
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