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2006-07-13 - 7:00 p.m.
I'd choose this over the wisdom teeth

Someplace in my archives of June or July 2002, there are my wisdom tooth entries. It was a MUCH worse recovery than the appendectomy.

Feeling ok actually. Sore. The hole below my belly button is all bruised, so I think that's where a lot of the pain is coming from. I'm taking less Vicodin. But I wish I knew... does taking painkiller actually help you HEAL, or just feel better? I kind of hope it's the former....I mean, the pain is at the grit my teeth through it level now, but it's nice to make it go away......


Will try Advil tomorrow.

Might go into the office tomorrow afternoon, though my co workers are assuring me that things are fine. I did some laundry today, and haven't napped, so I guess I am getting better.

Had to cancel the NY trip for this weekend. That makes me sad. I have been looking forward to this reunion since last year's ended. But while I feel good, I don't feel THAT good. Airline travel is grueling when you feel well, let alone when you're five days post op. So we'll look at next year. The good news is that we don't have to eat the airfare, we can apply it to another trip. So yay.

Got the hospital bill today. FOURTEEN THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS and THIRTY SIX CENTS. For less than 24 hours in the hospital. Yeah, there was a CAT scan and surgery, but wow. Just. Wow. Right now, all we owe is 250 to the hospital. My health insurance pays 80%, and then there's that whole out of pocket limit thing. So...looks like it'll be 1500 or 2500 ish we are responsible for. I'm pretty sure I have a good health policy, and I am counting that blessing, believe you me. I can't imagine not having it. I mean, if I DIDN'T have that insurance, I would have thought more than twice before going to the ER. When I decided to go, I knew that while we'd take a hit, my little pink card was peace of mind that it would be ok.

But there's something wrong with this country that right now, there's someone else with appendicitis crying at home and NOT going to the ER because they can't pay for it. How does this help our society? How is this in any way a good thing? If we aren't going to have some kind of affordable insurance coverage available to people, then something needs to be done about the costs of the services.

OK, so I'm watching my TIVOd Oprah from today about the debt diet....something Husband and I could stand to do. But some of these people. Holy cow. The family that ate out EVERY NIGHT. No dishes. No pots and pans. PLASTIC cups and bowls and cutlery. In a BEAUTIFUL new house. The mom didn't know how to CHOP AN ONION. Whaaaa? It's just.....sad. And weird to me. I mean, being able to cook is kind of a basic survival thing....and this isn't some poor and uneducated person. This is a McMansion in a McNeighborhood person. Who can't cook dinner. The mind boggles.

4 comments so far
LA - 2006-07-13 21:46:03
So glad to hear you're mending! And see? Next year when you come east you can toss in a couple days extra to hang here in the Hobbit House! Okay? ~LA
zen - 2006-07-13 21:50:09
glad you are feeling better! sorry about the new york vacation...i know you were really looking forward to it. perhaps you can use the flight money for another cruise with beloved?...~zen
radiogurl - 2006-07-14 22:46:55
The pain meds don't directly make you heal but uncontrolled pain definitely has a negative impact on healing. And on that bill, with my insurance deductibles and so on, my portion would be $6130. And there is zero coverage for prescriptions. I've already decided it would be smarter for me to drop my insurance altogether. If I had a medical emergency I'd end up losing my job, anyway, and at that point I would apply for AHCCCS, Arizona's medical assistance program for the poor.
Loriville - 2006-07-18 17:58:15
Glad you're on the mend! The mayor of San Francisco is actually working on getting a city-wide health care system in place. I think it's a great idea. We eat out every night. *blush* I hate it but at this point in our lives (read: with a toddler) we have a choice of eating take-out delivery at 8 pm or a home-cooked meal at 10 pm. I just don't have it in me to do the latter... and then be up until 11 pm+ cleaning up.
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