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2006-07-10 - 8:32 p.m.
so of the two, I think I prefer demerol to morphine. Though both are yummy.

A childhood fear realized.

Yeah. No appendix now. I can't imagine how much the old fashioned surgery hurt to recover from, because the laparoscopic surgery is pretty owie.

The ER was great...everyone so nice. The people across the hall were total Indiana hillbilies, complete with badly behaved children and the mom calling the grown daughter's boyfriend (Sorry, "old man") a "pu--y". Klassy. Surgeon scared me, because he wasn't TOTALLY sure it was the appendix. "It could be diverticulitis, and you'll wake up with a colostomy". Um. Ok. The people who took me to surgery were so nice. Get this...I'm having my FREAKIN' PERIOD. So I'm freaking out when they give me the "take off all your clothes" speech. I told the surgical nurses when they were wheeling me in, and they said "we'll take care of you". To which I said "Yay for the sisterhood". Someone very nice held my hand while I went to sleep, then I woke up, the only person in recovery. First thing I did was feel my left side to see if everything was intact. Some time in recovery, then off to my room around 1130, when I was admitted, etc. The worst part of the whole experience was when my IV of my hands now looks like it belongs to mickey's disgusting.

Everyone was so nice. I just have so much respect for health care workers. They are dealing with us when we are scared and feel crappy, and they treat us with patience and kindness, even when we aren't giving it back. So I tried to be a considerate patient and thank them for all the little things.

It was so weird how it came on...we were dancing saturday night, having a good time, and when we finished our cha cha and got back to the table, I suddenly felt TERRIBLE. Within 20 minutes, I was home and puking. Fuuun. So long about Sunday afternoon, I freaked out and decided that it wasn't getting better, and maybe we should go to the ER. Got there around 3:30, and was relieved of my appendix around 9.

So. Home now. pain, but have narcotics. The worst part is that the family reunion is this weekend in NY. I've looked forward to this since last year's reunion. But I'm not going to push myself to go if I'm not feeling LOTS better. Last thing I need to be doing is sitting out in the Long Island sun....

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zen - 2006-07-10 20:51:13
oh wow colz! how frightening! i'm so glad you are okay and woke up with small laparoscopy scars and no colostomy bag! take care of yourself and get plenty of rest and make your beloved spoil you to no end! you've earned it!...~zen
LA - 2006-07-10 21:48:24
Holy moly! Hope you mend quickly. Much love from, ~LA who is tired and stupid tonight
radiogurl - 2006-07-11 00:38:00
Ouch! *Hugs* I hope you mend quickly and find yourself feeling much better soon :)
Birdbrain - 2006-07-11 14:08:54
So sorry, lovie. Glad you checked in though - I was starting to worry and was going to drop you a line. Sending healing thoughts.
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