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2006-06-22 - 11:16 p.m.
Oh yeah. hi.

Huh. More than a week. Ooopsie.
As I have mentioned before, Husband and I take ballroom dance lessons. We take them here from her

Yes, she is adorable and perky and only as big as a minute...she's also funny and smart and we love her. And she loves us.

Well. We tend to come to our lessons, take our lessons, and that's that. The school has group lessons and dances, and special dances, etc, etc, and we just don't go. We aren't trying to make any kind of statement, or be rude, or anything like that.....we just are kind of not large group people. And Husband doesn't like the whole partner switching aspect of group lessons. Come to find out yesterday that she has been scolded by the owner of the place because her students don't participate in the "extra" activities. She said she tried to explain that for her clients, they all have other jobs, and dance is just one small part of life that they have to fit in.

But we love her, so we will be going to the "luau" tomorrow.

That's the first time someone ELSE has caught grief for my introverted nature.

Nothing else to report, really. Glad the week is winding down. More porch work this weekend. I have girly lunch with a friend on Saturday, which rocks. Not much else.

Read this
article in Salon today: Loved it. Of course it's got the letters coming in, because apparently any man who would actually be ATTRACTED to a large woman has to have some kind of "fetish" can't be a simple preference, like some people like blondes, or some people like beards, or whatever. No, it has to be all weird and deviant. What. Ever. The eye opener for me was the author's wife saying: " For years I thought I would have to find someone who loved me in spite of my size, someone who would be willing to put up with it. To have someone adore me and my body is a gift"

Cuz yeah. Wow. I mean, I have an awesome husband. He digs me. But still I always assume that my wonderfulness in other areas (har!) kind of "made up for" my fat ass. But no. I showed Husband the article. He agrees with the author. He likes and loves all of me, there's no "in spite of".

What the.....????

It's gonna take awhile for me to process this.

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radiogurl - 2006-06-23 01:12:38
I hear you. I don't think MC was particularly looking for a largish woman, but he insists he loves me, period. He said he'll support me if I want to lose weight for my own sake, but that it really doesn't matter to him. It may be true but I have a hard time digesting it, too.
LA - 2006-06-23 07:44:26
Well you know my ex's disgusting 'thing' for women who look like 9 year old boys. But hooray(?) for me he didn't love anything else about me either, my size was only one of a myriad of things he thought was gross and didn't want. So I guess I'm spared the fat = divorce equation. ~LA
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