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2006-05-29 - 4:59 p.m.
Waaah. It costs a lot to gas up the ski boat!

Last night we were watching the local tv news. Granted, it's a holiday weekend, and being in the media biz, I now it's a slow time for news. But this just pissed me off. Because it seemed so...."let them eat cake" to me. I can't find a link to it, or I'd post it. Backstory--there are lots of lakes close to here, and tons of people have lake places, some of which have been in the family for generations. Summer weekends, people head to "The Lake". The story was about whether or not the high gas prices were going to mean people used their boats and jet skis less this year.

And of course, everyone said "no". Stepford Soccer mom in her ginormous gas sucking SUV said "we can only use the jet skis and ski boats three months out of the year, so we're gonna use 'em!". Meanwhile, while those folks are heading up the intersate in their fancy new cars to their million-ish dollar SECOND homes at The Lake, the MAJORITY of people in this city, the regular working folks and the people with crap jobs (and there are a LOT of crap jobs in this city), are wondering how they are going to afford to fill up with enough gas to GET to their crap jobs. Yeah, I suppose it sucks for the marina owners if people don't take their boats out as often or at all. Yeah, sucks if you're the boat dealer and people decided to put off that Ski 'Tique purchase. But as we were watching that story, Husband and I, who make decent enough money that the gas prices are something to bitch about, but not something that's changing our lives, were offended. How clueless. How insensitive. I mean, sheesh, if I was the average working person (oh wait, I think I am), I'm thinking "huh, I'd love to be in the position to worry about GASSING UP MY SKI BOAT". I dunno. It just seems like a great example of what's going wrong with this country. "Hey poor people, sucks to be you, huh?"

In other news, it's fricking hot again. Like flop sweat nausea hot. We did a minimum of work outside. First, we made a Home Despot trip for plants, etc. Husband worked outside on some carpentry for the porch. I have been laundering all day. I did go out to plant a couple of things. While I was out there, a car slowed down and a guy rolled down his window and said "That's a really great color green you picked. I live around the corner and just wanted to tell you that's a great looking color". How nice was that?!

And diety willing, some freakin' day we will be finished!

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radiogurl - 2006-05-29 20:54:23
I know what you mean about occasionally being sickened by the disparities of the wealthy. MC and I make less than the median wage locally and we can BARELY afford one of the cheapest rents in town. I can't help wondering how the actual average worker survives.
LA - 2006-05-30 09:11:19
I know, dahlink! Had to get new crystal barware for the back of the Rolls and my goodness the price of decanters almost made me consider switching to cut-glass! (*snort*) ~LA
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