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2006-05-28 - 5:28 p.m.
Are we SURE we're the third rock from the sun?

Because it is 487 degrees here today, with 80 percent humidity. I swear. Why do we live here? Spring lasted a whole week. We had beautiful weather for a week. Then it got cold and rained for two weeks, now it's 90 degrees. It feels like August out there.

Husband is working on the porch. I was out there moving some plants around in the garden, very slowly, so as not to have heat stroke. My hair is sweating.

Arist J and I had lunch yesterday, then she came over to help me figure out what to do with all the dang garden space. I have some good ideas, but we can't do much until the porch is done, since it's the area surrounding said porch, and will all end up smushed before it's all over.

Husband primed the top of the porch, and I gave the pillars a second coat, which made all the difference in the world. In this pic, the left pillars have their second coat, the right ones do not.

Actually, so did the priming. Dunno if we work on it again tomorrow or not. So close to the end...but it's so brutally hot. Maybe tomorrow should be spent at Home Depot, buying plants and stuff.

Dinner tonight is burgers on the grill and corn on the cob. I put some baked beans in the oven, and it will all be good.

And I love my central air.

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zen - 2006-05-28 18:13:19
wow! it looks beautiful! the pillars and porch make a huge difference! and i love the color!...~zen
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