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2006-05-20 - 12:37 p.m.
Help! My husband is a MAN!

I wish I could bitch about my husband without feeling like one of Those Women. I spend my life surrounded by Those Women. You know the ones...their husbands can do no right. They'd find fault with their menfolk if they had just spent the afternoon rescuing puppies and orphans from burning buildings.

My week from hell, my period starting, and the incessant sound of those fucking sanders are conspiring to make me cranky.

OK. The sanders. Yes. Neverending Project Porch is STILL going on. Last weekend was a literal wash, what with the CONSTANT POURING RAIN. The sanders are pissing me off because we have talked and discussed and talked AGAIN about sanding just the loose hunks of paint, making it smooth, and priming. J's husband equivalent is a painter...not like she paints...he's a housepainter. So I asked her if we ReALLLLLLY needed to sand every. Last. Bit. of paint off the porch. No. Scrape the loose crap, make it smooth, prime it.

So why are they out there sanding to the point that we're going to have frickin' toothpicks holding up the roof?

On to the piles of crap. My husband has credit card statements for YEARS, I am sure. Wherever he goes, he makes piles. "His room" is piles and piles of crap. (yes. I know. crap is in the eye of the beholder) There are CDs all over the place. CD cases, envelopes, covers, cards, whatever. Magazines. Can't throw out an issue of Star Trek Super Geek Magazine. Everything in a squirrel pile. He opens credit card bills and keeps every part of what was sent him. All in a little pile.

I went batshit this morning. In the same way my mother periodically went batshit. The Fell Swoop method. I started for the UMPTEENTH TIME to clean off the dining room table. And I just got so pissed at looking at his piles of shit that I swept it all off the table. I have since picked it up. And put it in a messy pile. And really...did the flashlight BELONG on he buffet?

I am a slob. I know this. But I feel like I'm being double teamed. He won't throw out a piece of paper. In fact, while I will periodically do a Big Purge, he doesn't. I want to hire a cleaning person. He won't. But god. A little help?

And yes. He is a HUGE help in many ways. he'll cook, he'll clean the kitchen. He laundered last week. He pulled a double shift volunteering at the wine tasting last night.

But right now. today. I am frustrated.

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Zon - 2006-05-20 13:49:39
I did that once, way back in the early days of pandi-monium. Just took my arm and WHOOSH! My mother used to just make a big pile in our rooms for us to sort through. It's totally human and normal. Clutter is a stressor for many people. Hang in there!
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