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2006-05-05 - 12:40 p.m.
Gotta keep it movin'

Gah. I have accomplished so much by noon today I don't know who I am! One of those manic days where it's just run run run run.

So I'm trying to take a little break while I slam my subway sammich before ANOTHER meeting with the Boss about me new position.

Part of the reason for being so busy is because I will be gone three days next week so I can attend my aunt's funeral in MA. I spent a lot of time Wednesday squaring away plane reservations and finding hotel rooms. Thank goodness it's the off season in the Berkshires, and we got a great deal on a room. But I REALLY hate looking at airline ticket prices from my home airport. FIRST off, you can't really get anywhere directly from here, except Detroit and Chicago. In fact, many of the flights that have you going east, fly you to Chicago first.

Yeah. THAT'S logical.

Let me just put it this is cheaper for us to DRIVE two hours to Indy, stay overnight in a hotel, AND pay for parking than it is to leave from the hometown airport.

And the airport authority wonders why they have such a hard time convincing people to fly from here. I would love to. I would LOVE to drive 15 minutes from my house to get to the airport. But not if it takes me three flights and twice as much money to get to my destination.

What was I talking about? Not much, really. Same ol same ol. Wondering why my aunt's death hasn't made me cry. Maybe I'm saving it for the funeral.

Weekend plans include yoga class and working on the porch. We're getting close to prime and paint land...the end might actually be in sight!

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