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2006-04-17 - 2:38 p.m.
The crazy-ness is breaking loose...

Yeah. So last week when I was all about people needing to contain their's gonna bite me in the ass.

Next week I'm supposed to be gone to the NAB convention in Las Vegas. We planned to stay a couple of extra days for fun. Well, it won't be that much fun, because Captain Freezy will also be gone for two weeks during that time. So all of the ops department, essentially, will be gone. There is much logistical stuff to worry about. Much. Of course, that's stressing me out.

Dad called this morning. My aunt, his sister, is dying. She's been in frail health for a couple of years, really, but has in the past couple of months really taken a turn. Because of various things, we've never been particularly close, but she is my godmother, and has been loving toward me to the best of her abilities. She lives in MA. I am in IN. My parents are in FL. Yeah. Parents are heading up there tomorrow. Dunno when the funeral will be (in Monty Python tradition...she's not dead yet....)....but there's that whole Vegas trip issue for me to work through, because it will be next week some time. My dad was really cool about things...if I have a conference, yadda yadda, but I really feel like I should try to be there. My boss is cool...basically whatever I decide I need to do is ok with him. So. Many options. Many decisions.

Oh. And had to have blood drawn again this morning because my dr wants to see if my white count has gone down from last week....if it's back to normal, I don't have to see the hematologist. So fingers crossed there, please. But I have my doubts....stopped the 875 X 2 amoxil on Saturday, and am feeling a bit twingy in the throat if it didn't knock it all out (hard to believe, at that dose....), I'm sure my whites would be up again.

Lots on my mind. For sure. Ahhh...but tonight is a massage. Yum.

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radiogurl - 2006-04-17 21:42:26
I hope you are able to finally decompress and relax. It sounds like you really, really need it.
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