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2006-04-13 - 11:16 a.m.
More stuff on dealing with people and their crap...

Interesting comments to my last entry. Yes. We should cut people slack, and I'm not a totally heartless bitch. But there comes a time when I am going to stop feeling sorry for your burned hand if you won't take it off the damn stove already.

We had one of those workplace workshop thingies last summer, where we took tests and discussed stuff, etc. And the Diva wasn't there, so we had some vocailized ah ha moments about her. Like one test showed how we react to situations under ideal situations vs stress. Well, she's always giving us the stressed out diva. The moderator finally said "well, for some people it's a high stress day, for others, it's just Tuesday". Meaning that yeah, she comes from a place of stress, but that doesn't necessarily mean her days are inordinately stressed.

Does that make sense?

Anyway. I feel like we need a big ol' therapy session here. We're coming at everything from a place of distrust and suspision and paranoia.

We've been having issues lately with things being scheduled to play before they have been recorded. For instance...Blah blah organization wants to put on spots about their wingding. So sales comes to me and says "I need a number for the wingding". I give a number, so the traffic person can schedule it. But it never gets recorded. So when it inevitably shows up on the schedule, it doesn't exits. Annnnd....because someone didn't do his or her job, it is now my problem to solve.

So J and I had a quick meeting this morning about the sitch, and determined that we would no longer assign numbers for things that don't exist. I sent an email indicating such. (totally w/in my scope of authority)

Got back veiled snark from Ass GM (who is biggest offender, btw) saying "and when there is no copy for a ten second spot, we read the company name. we do not skip it and make it good".

Yeah. earlier in the week I had a brain fart and skipped a spot we had no copy for. I get it. I've been slapped. BITE ME.

And that's how it is around here. Every time you try to do something, someone has to show you up, question your authority, roll their eyes, whatever.

It's really bothering me. It was unnecesary on her part. And if I were to confront, I would get the wide eyed "that's not what I meant".

God I hate this brinksmanship. I really do. Is it like this everywhere, or is this a special kind of non profit hell? All I want is to improve a system that is breaking down a bit.


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radiogurl - 2006-04-13 13:31:25
There's a degree of politics in every job, no matter what. I catch it to a degree but I do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't get handed down to everyone else in my team...
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