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2006-03-25 - 9:09 a.m.
Off the ledge

So. Not as despondent as earlier in the week. But still not in a great place.

I feel like everything is out of control. I'm on the neighborhood board....and we have all these issues going on. The local university (like, at the end of our block!) is planning changes to campus that could really have a profound effect on the neighborhoods around them. So we're dealing with that, but the concept of making the neighborhood, or parts of it, a local historical district.

I asked Husband to do the taxes this year. They are not done. In fact, he is currently unable to locate his W2. This is making me slightly crazy, because we will more than likely get a refund, and letting the government hold our money any longer than necessary peeves me. Plus, we can use it on the porch project.

Work. Oh man. It is a frickn' crazy farm. The big boss is imploding. His personal life is apparently crumbling, and it's slopping over into work in inappropriate ways. In ways that could actually be detrimental to the work we are trying to do.

And of course, the front of my house looks like the only think missing are a couple of hound dogs tied to the porch and Granny Clampitt sitting there in her rocking chair.

Individually, I guess these things seem like small potatoes, but combined, they make me feel like everything sucks.

Now. For the nice things. It's been fund drive, so every night this week, husband has either made dinner or made sure dinner was there when I got home. Spaghetti, steak, chinese carryout. He did laundry, even though that's "my job". And right now he's grabbing me some breakfast.

So I'll try to chill about the taxes.

It's cold today. Even some snow. (%(##*% Husband and Contractor Guy (who is actually Drama Queen's husband) are supposed to work on the porch today....jack it up or somesuch. But it's cold. So I don't know what they are going to get done.

Later there's a lunch to celebrate the successful end of our fund drive. Perhaps I will use the time before to tidy things. Cuz lordy lord, it needs it!

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Zon - 2006-03-25 12:54:06
Here to hug you.
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