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2006-03-25 - 10:20 p.m.
There's your problem.....

Ah yes. The cliche contractor statement....

Freaky weather day here today. Rain, sun, snow, clouds. Yuck.

But the hottie boys were out working on the porch, bless them.

here are pix from Project Porch:

Here is the klassy and nowhere near any kind of up to code anywhere stack of rocks and sticks that was holding up the porch.

Next one is of Contractor Guy (who is also a friend of ours) being eaten by our porch. Actually, he was slithering under to jack it up. They then made a Man Trip to Menards where they bought cinder block that is now holding up the porch, and will augment the brick wall that they will build next week.

You can hardly see his hand in the next pic...he's jacking up the porch.... but you CAN see THE MASSIVE AND GINORMOUS HOLE IN THE MAIN SUPPORTING BOARD.

Last pic is of the porch with the rotten board gone, and the form in place for the footer they poured. You can also see the blocks they've put under the main support beam. The concrete will cure for a few days, then they will brick.

I am pleased with things, even though we weren't banking on the ROTTEN STRUCTURE. What really freaked us out was that the pillars have NO FOOTERS. Nada. When the main board came out, they were essentially floating. And holding up the roof.....with air. Yeah. So they are jacked up as well. I'm hunting around for superduper powerful paint remover that isn't noxious and caustic...think I found some....and I will do as much paint removal as I can. Not sure how long this will take, but I am going to be SO PSYCHED, because it's going to look faboo. And I LOVE Greg, the Contractor Guy. He seems really good at sizing up the situation and coming up with a solution. Husband does really good work, but he's not a fast solution finder. They are working well together.

I need to choose colors, which isn't going to be easy for me, since I really need garanamals for adults to dress myself.

This is a huge ugly project, but it's good we are doing it. It SHOULD have been done before I bought the house, but my inspector didn't find it. Now we're going to be able to state with confidence that the porch has been remodeled, and it's going to look wonderful. And curb appeal is WAAAY important, right?

3 comments so far
LA - 2006-03-26 11:20:48
I'm torn between being absolutely tickled for you and being freaked out over my scary amount of Vila knowledge. I'm looking at the pics and muttering, "Okay, if they sister the crossbeams with 2x8s, remembering to use galvanized bolts, and put a rebar mesh mid-footing..." Gah! I have to go paint my toenails RIGHT NOW! If I had any money I'd buy a purse too. Feeling very butch, but pleased about your re-built and eventually gorgeous porch, ~LA
radiogurl - 2006-03-26 14:12:11
Eeek! What a mess. Actually I'm glad you found it, though, and are repairing it before somebody ended up hurt :(
Zon - 2006-03-26 22:19:02
Promise me that when this is finished, you'll enjoy a lovely little picnic wine out there on a balmy late-spring evening. I can recommend a few, if you like.
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