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2006-03-19 - 10:24 a.m.
didja miss me?

Yeah, it's been a month. Nothing to tell. Bored and depressed wasn't worth writing about.

So. In the past month...

Didn't get house. That's ok.

Visited parents in FL. Nice visit, nice break.

While we were gone (almost a week) our cat Millie was outside. Not a biggie to some, but our cats are indoor cats. We don't let them out. Period. But while Husband was loading the car, apparently she slipped out. We looked and looked, but eventually had to leave, since we had a plane to catch. We weren't even sure she was outside. When we came back and she wasn't in the house, we knew. More looking around. A trip to animal control (she's chipped). A trip to Kinkos to make posters. A trip around the block to post said posters. One jag of hysterical crying. Husband went out for one last look in the yard, and there she was, sitting in the garden. So yay. Happy ending.

But really. The last month has been boring, which for me means depressing. Again work is sucking my will to live. I feel like I have a target on my back with the caption "feel free to criticize me". Bleargh.

Yesterday was fun. We demo'd the porch, something I've wanted to do for AGES. Here is before:

It was taken awhile ago, not yesterday, but you get the gist of it.

Here is what it looked like when we were done:

Did we not put the cute right back into that house?? My mom pointed out that the lines of the pillars and the lines of the two small windows echo each other....something that was lost when the porch was enclosed. There is still a TON of work to be floor (or repair the old....we're not sure yet)new brick along the foundation in front...and we want to take the aluminum off the top and restore that somewhat. I am also going to ditch that butt ugly storm door. Our front door is original and adorable, and completely covered by that fugly door.

And did I mention that I REALLLLLY like demolishing things? Wow. Gimme a prybar, and I am a happy girl.

Another house to look at today, some work (it's fund drive), blah de blah...

3 comments so far
LA - 2006-03-19 14:10:38
You know I've missed you. The porch looks wonderful! I'm pretty happy with a sledgehammer in my hand so I understand your joy in the demolition. ~LA
radiogurl - 2006-03-19 16:41:48
Nice job on the porch - and I hope as the temps go up you find a little more to enjoy in life~ *Hugs* Depression sucketh the big one.
Zon - 2006-03-20 14:33:58
Welcome back, sweetie! Porch looks great! Maybe you can take a ball peen to some of your detractors at work. ;-)
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