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2006-02-16 - 4:37 p.m.
History nerd

So yeah, the house.

Husband went into his usual "I'm worried about the money" chant.

I did further investigation.


I emailed the Executive Director of the historical preservation society. And she said:

..."I love that house. It was built most likely in 1917, and the first occupant was Ada Stratton Wilson, Gene’s sister. She is listed in City Directories beginning with 1918, as a boarder. The fireplace mantel matches the fireplace at Wildflower Woods at Sylvan Lake, as does the rounded built-in cupboard in the Dining Room. So, no doubt it was built for Gene Stratton Porter, or ordered and orchestrated by her for her sister

Yeah. Not just an inscription by author and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter, but the friggin house was probably designed by her and was DEFINITELY built by her.

Oh. Oh oh oh.

Because I am a true history geek. I could actually live in the same house this woman spent time in. Did she write there? What rooms did she love?

Of course, Husband's reply to this news was "huh. that's cool, but it doesn't make me want it any more than before".

Silly man.

I have an email in to our real estate agent, who is out of town this week. We will see it again. I ran some numbers for husband, and he's more comfy with the concept. I've figured out how to get the downpayment money so we don't have to make a contingent offer. I'm going to talk to an acquaintence who lives a few doors down about what she thinks about her 'hood. (well, she loves it....but I have a few more questions)

But oh my. It would be both an honor and a responsibility to own this home.

2 comments so far
LA - 2006-03-05 17:26:35
You okay? Missing you. ~LA
Zon - 2006-03-08 17:20:24
What she said. Hope you're just enjoying peace in the mundane.
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