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2006-02-13 - 1:41 a.m.
Word for the day: INSOMNIA


I so cannot sleep.

I hate this.

Sleeping is like one of my favorite things, and when I can't, it really pisses me off.

And of course it becomes a vicious cycle.

I dragged Husband to an open house today.

And, of course, fell in luuurrve.

Really. Like, more than the house we offered on over the summer.

Here it is.

Living room

Living room again

Isn't the fireplace great? Above it inscribed a quote about a roof over one's head and friends to share it with from Gene Stratton Porter.

Two sunrooms

One up

One down

Upstairs one is off the master bedroom.

Bathrooms are redone, and it has a new kitchen.


And the dining room. Oy.

dig the built in sideboard

another angle.

Oh yes. Mama like. The inside is done. Three big bedrooms upstairs. Someone took a tiny fourth bedroom and made it a big laundry room. yes. A laundry room UPSTAIRS, where all the clothes are actually put on and taken off. A laundry room where it makes SENSE.

Many windows. TONS and TONS of built ins. Storage galore. Behind the built in the kitchen is a pantry area with custom cabinets. The basement looks mostly dry. (A wee bit of damp in a corner)

It's been painted and insulated. It has a two car garage, which needs work (the floor has disintegrated to dirt) but is workable. It has everything we want in dream house except central air, and since is has radiators, that won't happen. (OK, the whole boiler/radiator thing scares me a little) But I know window units can do a lot, and egads, look at all the windows! You could always sleep in the sunrooms in the summer.

How much you ask? Keep in mind that homes around here are undervalued in a big way. But 109,900. Yeah. And homes don't go for asking around here. TOTALLY in our price range. Is our house ready? We don't know. Husband of course thinks not. I think, "why not". So he's thinking on it. I think he really likes it....and not just because I do.

So anyway....that's keeping me up too, I guess. But I really want to sleep. I have a stupid dog and pony thing at work tomorrow, so it will be a long day. But i cannot shut off my brain.

2 comments so far
LA - 2006-02-13 07:54:46
Wowzers! What a lovely, lovely place. You most certainly can put in central air w/o heat ducting. It's called SpacePac. A little pricey, but the flex duct can be run nearly everywhere inside the walls and ceiling spaces. Mike installed SpacePac in a historic 200 year old jobbie that had been turned into museum of sorts. And they heated with fireplaces and stoves, not a duct or conduit in the building to tie into the a/c. ~LA
radiogurl - 2006-02-13 12:43:45
Wow... what a gorgeous place!!! I don't blame you for being sleepless; you were probably figuring out furniture arrangement LOL.
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