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2006-01-04 - 9:43 p.m.
But there ARE no bodies.....

OK, so sink can be considered done. I caulked the edge on the counter, and if I do say, it looks professionally done. A big deal for me, because when neatness counts, I usually fail.

Work is stressful this huge biggie, more annoying than anything. Assistant is still not groking things. Today we had a meeting with him in which he said "I will do anything to keep this job. I will help you bury the bodies"

Great. So now I can feel even worse about the whole thing....

Weather here SUUUUUUCCCCKKKSSSS. At 3:30 this afternoon it looked 3 hours later. Yuck.

Had lunch today with GM and chief engineer. Looks like I may be going to the NAB in VEGAS BAYBEEEE! Gonna drag Husband....he might actually be able to make a case at his job for it being work related. Maybe stay a couple extra days after for vacation. That'll be something to look forward to. And unlike my other conference in the fall, this one isn't all sessions and lectures all day there would be more playtime!

And I am all about the playtime.

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radiogurl - 2006-01-05 09:02:40
Oooh, the NAB! You don't mind if I'm jealous, do you, LOL? In all my years of radio I still haven't gone to ONE of the NAB events. *Pouts* I was supposed to go a few years back when it was in NOLA but nooo...
LA - 2006-01-19 18:42:44
Where ARE you?????? ~LA
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