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2006-01-01 - 8:18 p.m.
Blee Blop Blues

Ya know how you mom would tell you "don't pick at it!"?? Yeah. That was the situation with the drain. A couple of drips when we finished last night. We thought a little more time when we've had some sleep, a little more snugging up of the joints, we'll be good.

Not so fast. It got a whole lot worse before it got better, and there is still one tiny little drop that is showing its stupid little droplet face. It's those frickin' couplers...just can't get them tight enough to stop the drips. We're undecided now if we are going to live with the drip, (I vote NO), tighten some more, or completely throw in the towel and call in the plumber next week. I dunno. It's USABLE, but not RIGHT, and I have a thing about right. It's not as Rube Goldbergian as it was, but I think our plumber will have to stifle a laugh when he sees it.

And here's a serious plumbing question for LA...we kept making jokes about getting rid of the runs and replacing them with radiator hose. Then we decided there must be some reason that wouldn't work. But why? Radiator hose is for higher heat and higher pressure. So how come we can't use it for drains?

Before I was deprived of my sink again, I busied myself cleaning cupboards and tidying the pantry. I have a lot of tomato paste. Like, a dozen cans, at least. The oldest expired food was Hamburger Helper that would have been "best by 2000". I did throw it out. HH at its best is marginal, so.....

I threw away a ton of stuff, found a home for the stupid domed cake plate in a high cupboard, (it's handy when you need it, but impossible to store easily!) and reclaimed the breakfast nook. Sort of. Operation Sink has messed with the order of things. But once the soaps and cleaners can go back to their home under the sink, and I can tidy things up, I'll feel better about things being in some semblance of order.

As opposed to the rest of the house.....

But baby steps, right? My linen closet would pass mom muster, as would my newly tidied cabinets. It's a start.

No plans for tomorrow...laundry, further new year tidying. Staying off Husband's back about anything resembling a honeydo list, considering his yeoman's service on the sink.

This week marks six years since we met. Blind date. Set up by friends. Who knew?

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LA - 2006-01-02 07:52:35
I don't know. I'll ask Himself about it. When he's talking to me, that is. Mr Personality is in another of his snits and hasn't voluntarily spoken to me or answered a question in weeks. ~LA
radiogurl - 2006-01-02 10:17:26
Wow - six years and you're still on speaking terms. That beats my record... And I dunno about you, but I think I'd be calling in a plumber about now. Radiator hoses are known to fail, too, remember!
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