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2005-12-23 - 12:02 a.m.
Mmmmm. Beeeeeeer

So I am on Xmas break such as it is. Four days off, and that's ok. A little travel, to Indy and Cleveland, a little couple'll be good.

Spent the evening baking..I agreed to bring the dessert to the in law get together tomorrow. Lemon bars and carrot cake cupcakes.....we tasted both (gotta make sure they are ok, right?)OH. MY. I have not made one thing from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook that has not kicked ass. Tomorrow I frost the cupcakes and off we go.

And really, what IS carrot cake but a delivery vehicle for cream cheese frosting?

I am having the MOST FUN with a web site I just learned about this week. Of course my California sister has known of it for months, but it's very fun. It's called Pandora. You can program in various parameters of music you like...songs, artists, etc, and it "programs" your own personal radio station. Right now, I'm hearing the Mills Brothers. Not something I would probably choose on my own.....but interesting nonetheless.'s my shallow moment of the post, and it has to do with Nick and Je$$ica.

I'm embarassed to admit I'm sorry to see them split up after such a short time. They got married just after Husband and I, and apparently, we are better at the marriage thing than they are. But I know I'm not the first person to express this opinion....and that's about their wish for "privacy at this difficult time". Please. You whored out your marriage, and now that it's unravelled, people are supposed to cease being curious about the side show YOU created? And regarding JeSS "protecting" her wealth? Please. Her fame exploded because of "Newlyweds", and w/o that marriage, she'd still be a fourth tier Britney Christina wannabe. Damn straight half that money is his.

Ok. sorry. It's the beer. I should go to bed, but you know us night owls....

Anyway....Husband and I picked up our arty farty really unbelievably expensive portraits today. And they are amazing. When I am famous, this guy is going to do all my magazine covers.

So...these would fit nicely over the sofa in the living room. Is that just toooooo vain? Like will people walk in and go "Oh PUHLEEEEEZE"???

Here they are: copyright 2005 Bradrick @ C0vingt0n.

And it was WAY cool to drive up to his studio and see us in the front window.....a wee bit of an ego boost for me, as I am the MOST NON photogenic person evah! But he makes me pretty!

If I don't get back here....merry xmas to safe, have fun...don't drink too much....drink just enough!


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LA - 2005-12-23 01:17:41
I hope when you're sober that you believe me, those are fucking FANTASTIC pictures. Hell yes hang them over the couch. And btw, what kind of tacky, non-artistic, grinchy people do you have over if they could look at those pics and scoff? What do they have over their couches? 3-D NASCAR clocks? ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-12-23 07:35:49
Hang those pictures, darling. Family photos are an expectation and besides - it's touches like those that help make a house a home. They're absolutely gorgeous!
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