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2005-12-18 - 1:53 p.m.
Biting my tongue clear through

Last night was the party at Husband's boss' house. Last year's was pretty nice, in that I hit it off well with boss' wife, and that can never be a bad thing.

This year, boss' wife and I still got along fine, but, well...good god but Husband works with some obnoxious people. Who have kind of obnoxious spouses.

I actually had to leave the room when one blowhard was going off about "starter neighborhoods going to pot". "Of course they will. Banks are giving money to white trash who SHOULD be living off (insert my end of town street here) in 40 thousand dollar houses (I paid 55 for mine), and now they are moving into nicer neighborhoods and trashing them."

Yeah. That's when I grabbed husband and went upstairs, mumbling something about him working with opinionated blowhards.

I'm not sure why that pissed me off so. Except that it was an ignorant stereotypical bigoted statement presented as fact. In fact, there MAY be some seed of truth to what the jerk was opining on. HOWEVER. I live in that end of town. My street is NOT trashed, by any means. No, it's not Stepford, but I love it. It's nice, and it's SAFE, and it's full of people who work hard to pay their bills and choose to buy houses they can actually afford.

Then the women. Please. As a public service, I BEG of you. If you have kids, PLEASE have something else in your conversation arsenal besides pediatricians, braces, babysitters and other kid related stuff. Because not everyone has kids, or wants to talk ENDLESSLY about them, and it's rude to exclude people from party small talk. Even Husband noted at one time that I was TRYING to participate in the conversation, and some co-irker's wife kept "bellowing" over me.

And finally, the little socialist in me wanted to THROW UP at the decsription of the OBSCENELY expensive and GINORMOUS brand new house of the C-O-O and his trophy wife. I mean, I know now why my husband makes SHIT for money. I understand our capitalist system, I know, you somehow manage to rise to the top, and you get all the goodies, including the million dollar house. But I don't like it. I find it somehow immoral or something. And in the case of this particular C-O-O, I KNOW part of his success early on was due in part to the amazing production skills of MY HUSBAND, who never receives any kind of credit whatsoever.

I dunno. Maybe my totally modest and basic house looks to the people in the cruddy trailer park by the mall the way the C-O-O's house looks to me. Maybe I look greedy and showy and like a rich bitch to them. Maybe it is all relative. However, in MY job, I have NO CONTROL over how others in the organization are compensated. And I guess that's where I see the difference. Trophy wife is wearing more than the equivalent of a part time assistant for my husband on her ring finger. What kind of raises or bonuses could be given out if C-O-O was paid at a level that let him afford a quarter of a million dollar house instead of million dollar house? C-O-O wouldn't be suffering...for 250K around here you can get a house with your own lake, fer cryin' out loud.

So. Now I'm off to write a thank you note for the party, and to wrap Christmas presents. HOHOHO.

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Belle - 2005-12-18 15:38:23
There's no comparison: You and your husband live according to your means and use only the space and resources two people need. The C-O-O and his trophy wife are conspicous consumers who are taking up more space and resources than they need just because they are greedy, insecure, and status-conscious. There are indeed lines, and every now and then, I'm just snarky enough to point them out. Heh. ;-)
radiogurl - 2005-12-18 17:17:44
See, I pity the CCO and trophy wife. They are 100% artificial and when their lives are over they'll have nothing worthwhile to show for it. I'm willing to bet that their lives are empty, too. Their concept of love extends about as far as their bank account. Don't hate them; pity them.
Kim - 2005-12-19 15:14:05
I agree - pity them. Trust me - in being raised in a town run by old money, I saw families (both old and new money) be destroyed despite their shallowness. I saw them have to deal with reality and not ready for it, making it even worse.
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