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2005-11-17 - 9:57 p.m.
First Friday of the week

I spent much of my shrink session today talking about whether I'm a stone cold bitch or not. She wants me to journal on it.

I did, yesterday. And the shrink session today helped me a bit. I am not unkind, lacking in empathy, or unsympathetic to others who are in pain.

But I don't think I suffer fools and posuers very well. And now I just need to work at being ok with that.

Last week, Husband and I had some portraits done by the guy who did our wedding photos. Tonight, we went to see what he had. A-FUCKING-MAZING. Just. Unbelievable. And expennnnnnnsive. Oh my. We were dressed in all black, and he shot them in black and white. They aren't like anything you've ever seen. He's cutting us a deal, or we'd never be able to afford them. Once we get them and have them mounted on the wall, I'll take a shot of the wall and post it here. I love this guy's work. LOVE IT. I wish he had a web site so I could link.

No plans for the weekend...Husband has a football game on Saturday....I told him if he shopped for me I'd make him chicken stew with biscuits Other than that, not much.....

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radiogurl - 2005-11-17 23:20:57
Oooh the portraits sound lovely - looking forward to seeing. And there's nothing wrong with being impatient with idiots. We've become so damned politically correct that we've closed ourselves to the realities of life!
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