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2005-11-16 - 9:36 p.m.

OK. I know it's November. I know I live in the midwest.

I still LOATHE the weather. Blustery. COLD. There are frickin' snow flurries out there. Hate it. HATE. Makes me cranky.

Can ya tell? Heh.

Sixteen more days until our cruise. Oh yeah baby. No cell phones or email!! woo hooooo! We have had this sucker scheduled for more than a year. Shopping for it and scheduling it and looking forward to it is half the I'm already shopping for a trip to take in 2007. And what's cool is that cruise lines will let you put your cruise in "layaway"...make a down payment, then make payments...just as long as you're paid for by a certain date before sailing. So. I'm shopping around. I think I've found one I'm really interested in...goes to Belize.

I asked a co worker if I could borrow a swimsuit coverup for my trip...she came in today with a bag FULL of swimsuits that I CAN KEEP. How nice was that? We have a group who trades/exchanges clothes, but this was quite the windfall, given the price of bathing suits...

One of the things that needs to be done before I can go on vacation is making sure people are up to speed on stuff I usually do. So I needed to update the operations manual chapter on promos...specifically, on downloading promos. And I wanted to make ab-so-lutely sure that Captain Asshat could grok the procedures. So I wrote the instructions and gave them to a couple of admin people and asked if they would try to follow them. And it was MOST helpful to me, because I was able to fix any steps that were unclear. But what struck me was that I NEEDED to put "scroll down the page until you find xyz". I mean, to me that was a self explanatory thing, but I guess not. Good thing I had them look it over.

But the best part is that they were a huge help to me, and there is NO WAY that Capt. Asshat can say he can't figure it out, if I had two people with NO production experience follow them successfully.

So there goes THAT excuse....he will have to find a new one. And he will.

The Diva had a completely inappropriate meltdown in staff meeting today. Completely uncalled for and unprovoked snarky comments. And here's and interesting thing I've been chewing reaction was to be kind of disgusted and scornful. J's reaction was to say "I felt so sorry for her".

Huh. I feel like maybe I "should" feel sorry for her, but I don't. I have no patience for her silly games, her constantly seeing herself as the victim, her need to always somehow be "special", to somehow make herself the center of things. I'm sorry that her life is a crazy train that's going off the tracks..but...but...but....I feel like she does nothing to fix any of the craziness in her life. I think being crazy is her payoff, for whatever reason. So I can't muster sympathy. I will have to ask my shrink if that makes me a cold hearted bitch or not....

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LA - 2005-11-17 07:57:16
Well then move over in the freezer, I'm a cold bitch too. Fricken engineers on their own personal crazy drama trains get zero sympathy from me. Granted some folks have unbelievably messy lives, but then there are those who can't ever seem to pull of handling even a normal life. Oh the angst! Oh the misunderstandings! Oh the helpless flailings against a world bent on grinding our poor victim down! Blech. Anyhow, a cruise sounds heavenly. Can you pack me in your suitcase? I'll be good, I promise. ~LA
Kim - 2005-11-17 18:29:17
I swear I responded here. I swear it. Diaryland stole my post! Jealous about the cruise. And vacation days aren't just pretty entries on your paycheck - take them!
radiogurl - 2005-11-17 21:25:56
I'm glad to hear you're taking a real vacation. No cruise here but at least a few days off - and boy oh BOY do I know what you mean about the diva. Thank God, there's no diva at my current station. The downside to that is that my teeny studio-office has become a hangout for everybody from both stations, LOL.
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