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2005-11-05 - 12:49 p.m.
good gawd I'm boring

My life could not be more mundane if I set out to be mundane.


So I will write about the mundane. Write what you know, right?

We had our come to jesus meeting with Captain Freezy. It went well, I guess. Bottom line is, he's staying, which I can't say I am all that excited about. I may have preferred him storming out in a huff. But not to happen.

I had my review on Thursday, which was exxxxxxcelllent. Out of a possible 25 points I could have scored on our little rating system, I scored 24.5 points. Of course, that will equal a raise that will net me a starbucks a week.

If I drank the stuff. Now I will just have to spend it on whores and crack.

Yesterday was a funeral/memorial for a man who was a neighbor when I was growing up. He and his wife had a bulldog named, naturally, Spike. I was little....5 or 6, but they both befriended me, especially his wife. After school, I would join one or both of them as they walked Spike. I would save half a hamburger from my dinner for a treat for the dog. They bought my raffle tickets, and cheap ass candy, and babysat my goldfish. She took me to a dog show, then out for ice cream after. They both made a four hour trip to go to my college graduation. She died about 9 years ago, and he remarried....a woman from church. It's the same church husband and I were married in. So when I saw his obituary, I really felt like I needed to pay my respects. When I think of him, I think of how kind he was. Just a kind, good person. If there is a heaven, he's there for sure.

Husband is gone game. Is it wrong of me to kind of like these alone days? I mean, on the one hand, I miss him. On the other....meh. I kind of like doing my own thing. Even if that thing is a buncha nothing. Though today has been mildly productive.

As I mentioned earlier, I reupped on flylady. I did it a few years ago, but found I wasn't DOING anything except deleting the volumes of email. But recent feelings of overwhelmitude got to me, and I thought I had to do SOMETHING. My difficulty comes from the clear focus on stay at home moms/wives. Cuz I'm not one of 'em, as much as I would like to be. I'm sitting there in the office, getting emails about clearing off my dining room table. But I'm doing what I can, and I REALLY like the concept of keeping the sink shiny. I also like the concept of "you are not behind, don't try to catch up".

Thus, I'm trying to do things in bursts....15 minutes here and there, breaking things into TINY tasks, because the big tasks are overwhelming. It's all overwhelming. The basement is repulsive, as is a second bedroom that Husband uses as his dressing area, here in the land of no closets. But both are disgusting. I want to cry and or throw up when I am in either one.

But. I HAVE accomplished some stuff today. Here's my list:

One cleaned dresser drawer. Bras that I never wear have been pulled out and will be taken first to work for the big boobed ladies there to pick over, then to goodwill. And yes, it is perfectly normal to trade used bras at our office. Half my clothes are hand me downs from a coworker.

Kitchen freezer cleaned out. If it was unmarked and wrapped in foil, it was pitched. Heck, it was pretty much all pitched.

One load of laundry folded and ready for putting away. Two loads washed and awaiting further processing.

Sink is shining and counters and stove are clean. Bathroom could use a swish, but it's pretty clean. Living room has clutter, but, again, not mortifying if someone came over. Dining table is an actual table, not a junk repository.

I guess I will still keep doing stuff in dribs and drabs, but I really wanna just veg. So maybe I'll grab my book and do that.

I told you. Mun. Dane. Aren't you glad you're not me?

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-11-05 16:27:47
Hey, you accomplished a heck of a lot more today than *I* did. I need to clean but it hasn't happened yet, and notice I'm sitting in front of the computer instead of cleaning right now, lol.
LA - 2005-11-05 18:59:00
Sounds like a decent amount of work to me! And you know what a tidy freak I am. Congrats on the stellar review! ~LA
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