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2005-09-27 - 9:09 p.m.
The BEST present!

Good day today. The shrink appt went well...she was just pleased as can be about the "breakthrough" I had with my mom a few weeks ago. I don't think I talked about it in here. She made some reference to me "overreacting" to things, and I just said "you know, I really don't like that term. My feeling are my feelings, and they aren't over or under". So we had a REALLY CIVIL and pleasant discussion of the use of that word, etc, and it was just a huge thing for me. There were no hysterics, or yelling, or whatever, it was just a pleasant conversation, which was cool. I have an issue with confronting scares me! And I'm always afraid of making people mad, etc, etc. So really...this was big.

Ah yes. it's a great day when you make your shrink happy.

So. Work. Humming along, under moderate control.

No gym tonight...made chicken enchiladas for dinner....converted to make South Beach friendly. YUM. SO good. They are the Rachael Ray 30 minute meal recipe, and they rock. Of course, I can't actually make myself follow any recipe, so I used whole wheat tortillas and added a can of black beans to the filling.

Best part...leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I need to hit the dr's office to have the lab draw blood for my appt on monday. yay. not. Actually, it's not too bad since my last dr told me that if I drank LOTS of water beforehand, I wouldn't feel so faint and woozy when they took the blood. She was actually right! But I don't look forward to the appt...haven't lost enough weight, my bp is probably too high still, and they are going to tell me my blood type is Crisco.

my husband just gave me the BEST anniversary present. Seriously. And he only gave it to me tonight because I guessed it....

Yes. that is a punching bag. And I have little gloves and a dvd. going to watch that now.

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radiogurl - 2005-09-27 23:34:54
A punching bag? And here I thought I had unusual preferences for gifts, lol. Glad you liked it, though, and that you managed a civil exchange with your mom. My mother generally spent every visit cheerfully ignoring the facts of my life, or alternately telling me I had to be sinning to cause all of these things to go wrong, or they didn't beat me enough as a child, yada yada yada.
LA - 2005-09-28 07:08:54
Excellent! I've always wanted a body bag. Something big and heavy to whack the heck out of. Hubs is mondo cool. And well done about making progress about Mom. Proud of you. ~LA
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