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Who ARE these people?

2005-09-06 - 10:27 p.m.
Some people need a clue by four

People are really a piece of work sometimes, aren't they?

We've been scheduled to go on a cruise for over a year. We're supposed to sail on Carnival out of Galveston on 12/3. So I'm poking around on cruise message boards, only to find out that people are bitching because their cruises have been canceled so the ships can be used to house Katrina's victims.

Our ship was changed, but our trip wasn't canceled. But my lord. We discussed it when I saw the news about the ships, and we were both kind of "eh" at the prospect of our vacation getting canceled. I mean, yeah, a little bummed, but, well, whatever. They are refunding people's money and offering 100 bucks shipboard credit on the next cruise.

But people are getting mouth frothing, name calling mad.

And I just don't grok it. I mean, we're talking about missing A CRUISE, a pretty luxurious type of vacation, because people who have LOST EVERYTHING need a place to stay. And these people are acting like THEY are somehow victims in all this.


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radiogurl - 2005-09-07 03:09:47
The sense of entitlement in this country has become so pervasive that we've lost all real compassion and decency. Since when did the constitution guarantee the right to go on a cruise? Yeesh.
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