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2005-09-05 - 9:58 a.m.
Dear husband....

Dear Husband:

First of all, you know I love you, yadda, yadda.

That said.

Emptying the dishwasher and putting things in the counter DOESN'T COUNT AS EMPTYING THE DISHWASHER. You have lived here for three years. The gladware is in the same place it's always been. Why do you insist on putting in on the counter. On the counter DIRECTLY ABOVE the actual storage place? You know how dear counter space is in our kitchen. Please don't take it up with stuff that already has an assigned home.

Speaking of which. When we bring a new food product into our home, you can put it away in its logical storage area, even if it's never been there before. It's not like we have a lot of choices. Again, the proper location is NOT the counter.

Oh. And I HATE SPORTSCENTER. If I could, I would have a cable system that didn't even have ESPN. In fact, I hate sports on tv. The sound of football makes my blood pressure go up. That stupid Sportswriters show on Sunday morning annoys the crap outta me. Grown men discussing sports like it's frickin' Meet The Press.

Love, your wife.

3 comments so far
ladyloo - 2005-09-05 11:37:43
Amen, to the Sportscenter and football hate!
radiogurl - 2005-09-05 11:47:08
Thanks for the memories, lol. Reminds me why it's good to be single.
Kim - 2005-09-06 17:58:30
ESPN rocks! What on earth do you mean. This exercise in sarcasm brought to you by the letter "H".
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