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2005-09-04 - 4:12 p.m.

A lot has happened this week, huh?

It's all so horrid. And while I will not blame W for the weather, I had hoped we could expect more from our government in a time of such utter, desperate crisis.

I stupid, as my husband will jokingly tell me when he does something, well, stupid.

I am not buying excusemakers for W's administration. He's the President of the Fucking United Goddamn States, he should have said "OK, here's how it's gonna go down. Hotels...put these people up and run a tab. Airlines, you'll be flying people to and fro as well. tour busses, you too." This hurricaine situation was/is every bit as serious as a war or terrorist attack. I'm just not buying any excuses as to why it took so long to get those poor people out of there.

Unless, of course, it's because they are, well, poor people.

And I don't think it was necessarily even a conscious decision. "Eh, they're poor and black, whatever". I just had an effect on the speed with which help was dispatched.

We've given to the Red Cross, and to Noah's Wish. I'm trying to convince Husband that one thing we COULD do is offer a home to one of these poor animals....and if not precisely a hurricane animal, we could adopt a pet from a shelter, and make a space for a hurricane pet.

But no. Apparently Husband is required to first say no to any suggestion which would substantially change our routines. I'm working on him, but whatever. I told him the other day that his immediate "noooo change is SCAWY" reaction to most suggestions of change is starting to irritate me.

Yeah. I'm still pissed about the house thing, I guess.

Last night was female bonding night. Our Ass GM was actually in a movie in 1976. A HORRID slasher film originally called "Blood Sucking Freaks". So last night we had a screening of the movie. AWFUL. Horrid. Screamingly so. There were four of us, and we had some noshes and drinks and what a FUN godess-y night. Sitting on the deck, chatting and laughing.

And then naked in the hot tub! She didn't tell me to bring my suit, so I didn't. One other person didn't have one either. So everyone but Drama Queen went nakey.

I've never done that before.


Never skinny dipped, nothing.

And I wasn't drunk.

But how fun!

Husband just looked at me quizzicaly when I came home and said "I was naked in a hot tub".

So anyway. Saw "The Constant Gardener" today. Good flick, but pay attention, or you'll miss out on who is who and who is doing what. Gives you something to think about, that's for sure.

Now. Signing off to make chicken with 40 cloves of garlic for dinner. YUM.

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radiogurl - 2005-09-04 19:50:31
You, and about every person in the US who has an operable brain cell, has said the same thing. GW showed his 'concern' by the speed in which he even went to check things out. He was making kissy faces with the political dweebs here in Arizona before he dredged up enough bad press to convince him that he'd better put in an appearance at the disaster zone. If he'd been campaigning he'd have been there, probably ridden out the storm. And Congress is pushing to remove the two-term limit... Fine with me, long as they reinstate lynching.
LA - 2005-09-04 20:18:56
Nakey in the hot tub! Well done! I've been wondering if I should keep some extra bathing suits in the hot tub hut. Now I know, just get in already and don't get all weird. We all have the same bits, right? Though to be honest I didn't know nudity was ALLOWED in the mid-west. heh. ~LA
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