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Who ARE these people?

2005-08-27 - 11:18 a.m.
more stolen meme

LA steals 'em, I steal 'em from her....

What's your favorite college football team?

Ack ptooey. Husband loves IU. I don't care.

Does your little brother listen to Reggie and the Full Effect?

No bro

Do you ever fantasize about murder?

Only of myself.

Would you fuck Victoria Gotti if you could?

She's NASTY.

Who is your favorite artist right now?


Have you ever done Ecstasy?


Are you straightedge?
So straight as to be a cube. Total rule follower.

Are you vegetarian?

Lord no. I'd like a side of meat with my meat, please.

Do you shoplift?

Never. See above re: so straight as to be cubed.

Do you ski or snowboard?

No, but it looks fun.

What do you think of mustaches?

On me? not so great. On men, fine. husband has a 'stache and beard. Looks best with just the mustache, I think.

Do you use hair gel?

Yes. And mousse, and root lifter, and sprunch spray....

Do you sniff cocaine?


Fave serial killer?

I spend a lot of time reading Ann Rule type books and watching the A &E killer shows, but no, no "favorite". That's too creepy for me.

Do you wear robes?


Do you believe in Bigfoot?


Sleep in pajamas, underwear or naked?


Have you ever made out with your friend's bf/gf?


Have you ever been caught mid-hump?

only by the phone.

Have you been shot?


Have you ever been hospitalized?


Do you like painkillers?

only if I am in pain

What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?

please. I didn't get married til I was 35. No weapons, secret or otherwise.

Ever been in a bar fight?


Do you have a.d.d.?

What? Huh? Oh. I think it's a possibility.

Have you ever had a head injury?


How many virgins have you slept with?


Do you love the pain a tattoo brings?

I don't really care for tats. I think there's going to be big money in a few years when all these tattooed young people reach middle age and decide they need to de-ink.

White or black?

Irish and Hungarian. So white we glow.

Hoodies or no hoodies?


Would you stand in the rain naked for the person you love?

only in private.

Would you fuck Danny of "The Real World"?

I'm not in that demographic any more. So no.

Ever gambled?

Yes. Just yesterday.

Been on a ferris wheel in the rain?


Stuck in an elevator?


Your worst memory?

So horrid I'm not going into it here.

Best memory?

hm. wedding, I guess. It was a good day.

Are you redneck?

NO! I live in a town full of them, but NO. I can still hear my mom, when we would do something rednicky like leave our beach towels hanging on the back deck to dry "Go bring those in. It looks like Hillbilly Heaven out there!"

More when LA steals more.

I am very boring.

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-08-27 14:46:10
I think those are some of the most interesting questions I've heard in a while... on my way to lift them and do my own version LOL.
Kim - 2005-08-29 16:32:55
Darn. And here I pictured you as a coke-head ;)
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