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2005-08-26 - 8:29 p.m.
Heat seeking

Walking into the Las Vegas heat, my whole body says "mmmmmm".

The dry, sauna like desert heat soothes me. Warms me from within. I can feel my skin absorbing the heat. No sweaty stickiness, just a beautiful dry heat.

Apparently, I'm an odd duck. I was involved in a discussion online last week, full of people talking about how much they hate the heat. Hate summer. Can't wait for fall. Love winter and snow.

I get depressed thinking about fall. Despondent at the thought of winter. And every fall is worse than the last. Why is February in the midwest endless, and summer is here and gone in a flash? In no time at all, it'll be no daylight, gray days, snow and ice and cold and so many clothes you can't move once you get dressed.

I think I'm a desert flower, not a sturdy evergreen. I don't know where in my DNA this heat seeking trait is encoded....neither Ireland nor Hungary is known for tropical climes. But it's in there. And I have to go to the sun.


Vacation is pretty much over.

And I am sad.

We won enough money to cover meals, so that's ok. Husband is such a good little lutheran that I never have to worry about him gambling the rent money. He loses 20 bucks and takes it as a personal failure.

NYNY is a nice place, lots to do, but really crowded all the time! We visited some other casinos, and enjoyed the relative quiet. I think we'll choose a different place next time.

And I must say, I have HAD it with the cigarette smoke. Good lord. Husband and I are both coughing and scratchy throated from all the secondhand smoke. Guess we are spoiled, living in the land of "you can't smoke here". gah. This place is like mecca for smokers. EVERYWHERE. Yucko.

And the kids. Man oh man. Also everywhere.

We rode the rollercoaster today, much fun, if a bit neck snapping. I think it's important to challenge myself like that once in awhile. Do stuff that scares me. Makes me feel alive.

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radiogurl - 2005-08-26 01:54:44
I can tell you that for me, winter and fall are heaven - but I'm used to the extreme heat of summer and our winter and fall are about comparable to summers elsewhere. So it's all relative (and I'm rambling again, lol)
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