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2005-08-24 - 11:46 p.m.

Greetings from sunny las vegas!

Yesterday was a long ass day. I think by the time we hit the sack, we'd been up for 18 hours.

NYNY is nice, but busy busy. Our room is ok, great view. Coaster sounds not a problem for me.

Saw Tom Jones last night. The man is sex on a stick. Oh my. Even if you are "meh" about him, I would definitely encourage you to see him if you have a chance. GREAT performer. The audience was all ages, and ready for fun, so it was a really fun evening.

Won a little at slots yesterday. Lost it today. I won a couple hundred at roulette, Husband lost same. I think we're ending up with enough winnings to cover meals, which is ok.

Small vent: why do people bring kids here? I mean, I saw STROLLER CHILDREN being wheeled about last night at 11 o clock. I can't imagine being able to have a fun grownup time if I had kids with me. And aren't there places (Disney, six flags?) that are more fun and APPROPRIATE? I mean. Naked and half naked women, the noise, the smoke, oh, the whole casino thing.

And people, please. When you are waiting to get ON the elevator, and others need to get OFF, you let the people get OFF first. Morons.

Really, I'm having a grand time. Have an overpriced pedicure scheduled for tomorrow. Already dreading going home....i so love being away from the daily grind and the people who are the daily grinders, I guess.

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Belle - 2005-08-24 13:43:12
Kids in Las Vegas? And we wonder why this country is so messed up. I'm not one for prudery, but for heaven's sake!
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