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2005-08-05 - 8:13 a.m.
Let me eat cake.

So this is scale at home has two "modes". One, you just step on and get weighed. The other has your height and some other measurements programmed in. You press a button twice, THEN you step on, get weighed and have a body fat reading.

Well, when I started South Beach, I was using the second mode. But then I decided "eh, weight is weight, and that's what I am tracking right now", and started using the "stand and be weighed" mode.

And it never budged. This morning I thought "what the heck", and decided I would try the second mode again.

FOUR POUNDS lighter than the "step and weigh" mode.

Needless to say, I am using the second mode now. Heh. According to it, I'm down 12. Oh yeah baby.

Knew I was going to be celebrating at dinner, so I was really on plan during the day. Even dinner wasn't terrible....we had a really expensive and really REALLY good meal. And because I am a food geek, here's the menu:

For an appetizer, I had what was called a "crab and lobster martini". Crab and lobster, served with a delicious horseradish mustard sauce. Rich and deeeeelicious.

Dinner was filet mignon, medium rare, asparagus with hollandaise, ceasar salad. Had a couple forkfulls of smashed potatoes and some bread with butter. SO delicious. So "fancy" compared with our normal venues.

So expensive. But I told Husband we should go to places like that more often just so we can brush up on our table manners. There wasn't a spork in sight.....

Then. The Cake. Best. Cake. EVAH. Ate myself into a cake coma. Chocolatey goodness. Soft and creamy frosting w/o that icky plastic-y taste so many grocery store cakes have.

But I think I had better take it to work to share the leftovers, or I will be found on the sofa, fork in hand, frosting on my face, and an empty cake plate at my feet......

Raked in good loot, too. Doris Day box set of 8 movies on DVD, and the Barefoot Contessa cookbook I needed to complete my collection.

And flowers:

Told Husband that next year I want a weeklong celebration, and we will call it Collapalooza.

In work news, my assistant is still exhibiting a remarkable lack of cluefullness. We as an organization are doing lots of work with a facilitator in the B1rkman method to do some exploration, process mapping, etc. Assistant is exhibiting an amazing lack of insight, and absolutely no ability for any self exploration. He sits there with his arms folded and a more petulant than usual look on his face. And of the 12 of us on staff, he is THE ONE who needs the most help with interpersonal relationships. I was hoping he'd hear the clue phone ringing and pick up, but no. So next step is a come to jesus meeting. I wish I didn't have to do this. I wish he had a better standard of excellence than he does. More initiative.


And THEN....yesterday I was driving through the neighborhood on my way home, and THE HOUSE that I always say "If that's ever for sale, I want to look at it" IS FOR SALE. Waaah. It's amazingly gorgeous, and it's a FSBO, so no pic available. And I am so bummed, because we are in no place to think about that now. Sniff.

So anyway...that's my update and I'm stickin' to it!

3 comments so far
Kim - 2005-08-05 14:33:57
I have a scale like that - shows body fat. Now I don't consider myself to be a skinny minnie, but I am fairly certain that my body fat percentage is not 42%, then 25%, then 34% over the course of a week. The setting is floopy at best. Happy Collapolooza!
LA - 2005-08-05 15:41:08
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! My wish for you is the never lost keys. And I ain't just talking about those bits of metal that start your car and lock your house. ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-08-05 19:51:13
Happy birthday - and go talk to the folks about that house. You never know but what (especially in a FSBO situation) they might consider a real deal for you!
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