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Who ARE these people?

2005-07-23 - 11:25 p.m.
Oh my. In my own family.

Liberal Democrats.

A ton of 'em.

Including the Catholic priest.

And the people in this family have such a commitment to public service. My dad's cousin and her husband met while in the Peace Corps. Two of his cousin's kids are off saving the world. One is the national coordinator for the ONE movement. He's up for an Emmy for the commercial for the organization that's running on MTV.

I'm just overwhelmed. Why have I spent my whole life not knowing these wonderful people? For once I'm in a crowd of people who respond to "I work in public radio" with "I LOVE public radio" and not "Oh. Is that the Christian station? Where is that on the dial?"

Oh, there's a fair amount of skeletons in this closet. Lots of drunken branches of this family tree. In fact, I was talking with a second cousin about my age who is a PH.d in psychology...and we talked about the skeletons and issues and all that good stuff. And it was like immediate bonding. This is a family that kept and keeps secrets about Bad Things. My aunt didn't battle drugs and alcohol, she had "problems" and "troubles". And she and I had remarkably similar experiences in way different branches of the family.

Just having an amazing time. Amazing.

FANTASTIC discussion about religion and catholicism with the priest. Who has to be the coolest priest I have ever met. He held Mass for us on the front porch. I asked about the questions I have concerning my need to feel like "in for a penny, in for a pound" when it comes to in, I think I have to buy the WHOLE package to call myself a whatever. But here was a priest telling me that the manmade rules weren't the important aspects of a church.

Just. Amazing.

And tomorrow, the beach!

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Pandi - 2005-07-24 10:08:51
WOW! What order is he in?
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