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2005-07-21 - 11:07 p.m.
Pennsylvania is a big ass state

Oh yeah, it's a full moon all right.

Left at an ok time. Nine-ish. Planning for a full day of driving, but still arriving in eastern PA at a decent enough time, with daylight left.

Did. Not. Happen.

We're tooling along, between home and Toledo, just got on the OH Turnpike. I'm thumbing through my Kiplinger Magazine, when I think "Hmm, that's an odd noise". Then I hear a bang. The noise gets louder. Another bang. Husband and I looked at each other and said "huh, that doesn't sound good..." just as the left rear tire EXPLODED. Shredded. Disintegrated. (I took pix, but don't have my cord to connect the camera to the computer with me) He pulled us over and we gathered our wits. Actually, before the car stopped moving, I was pulling out my wallet to get my insurance card....we have roadside assistance with USAA. Called for help. There was NO WAY we were going to change that tire along side the freakin turnpike. Call came back that it would be about an hour. OK. Car is still running, so we can keep the air on while we wait.

One problem.

I have to pee.

As in, diuretic for blood pressure have to pee.

So for the first time since I was probably three, I went along side the road. If you open the front and rear door of the car, you can kind of shield yourself. And I was thisclose to not caring.

Then I peed on the hem of my yoga pants. So THEN I had to change pants in the car along side the road.

We got rolling an hour or so later, limped into the Toledo area and found a tire store. Another hour, and two hundred fifty bucks later, we were FINALLY on the way for real. Didn't hit the hotel until 11, and the only food we could find was Wendy's. I haven't really eaten all day. A taco salad never tasted so good. I feel like I was born in these clothes.

Tomorrow should be cake.

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LA - 2005-07-22 12:19:09
Ye gods! Here's hoping the rest of your trek is peaceful. Sorry we can't hook up this weekend. I'm being carted around like a sack of grain and have neither brains nor energy enough to stage a meet-up somewhere along your route. Dammit. ~LA
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