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2005-06-25 - 8:32 p.m.
Do NOT Mess with me.

House issue resolved....we are meeting with realtor tomorrow afternoon to draw up the offer. I expressed my frustration to Husband a little bit.....that I want, no, I NEED him to be a little more open.

Anyway, watch this space for more house stuff, I am sure.

Spent the morning scraping and sanding and spackling and washing. I think I will break open the paint tomorrow.

Spent a very interesting afternoon at girly lunch with J the Artist. I had the MOST PHENOMENAL Mexican food EVAH. Oh my. Run by real Mexicans, which immediately puts them above the franchises of the world. SO good. Had a seafood quesadilla. Beans. Ordered guacamole. Was expecting small serving for my 2.50. Noooooo. BIG bowl. Couldn't finish.

Anyway. Enough waxing rhapsodic on the vittles. The real meat of the afternoon came from a discussion of Captain Freezy. J and CF have been friends for years and years. J does stuff at the station, CF does stuff where she works. Anyway. He's been fired from a gazillion jobs, mostly for -ahem- anger management issues. He's had those at our workplace as well, and we've worked to help him deal. In fact, I have never known another person to get so many second chances from an employer. Personally, as his supervisor, I have gone to bat for him MANY times.

Turns out the poor 'tude I've been getting from him is not in my mind. He plays the "I work so hard, what would they do without me" card. Little does he know.... Come to find out that there is a glitch in the automation at one point during the week. Does CF, my supposed assistant, TELL ME or try to solve the problem? No. He does not. He races to his group's gathering place each evening specifically to listen for the mistake and MAKE FUN OF IT. In fact, they have a nickname for it. When questioned by J, who asks if maybe he should, oh, DO SOMETHING about it, he says "No, that's not my responsibility, it's Colz's, and if she tells me about a mistake I've made, I'll just tell her about this"

No. He is not five. He is fifty. And I will match my mistakes to his dunderheaded approach to work any day. And if he wants to play these little reindeer games, I. Will. Win. Big Boss is on vacation for two weeks, and when he comes back, I'm asking for a meeting. Oh, it's not just the messed up break. He's not seeking the counseling that is a condition of his continued employment. Plenty of other stuff. Though if asked, he'd say he's persecuted and everyone else gets special perks. I will bet you a hundred bucks that if it comes down to it, and I sit in Big Boss's office and say "only one of us can work here", I ain't the one who will be turning in my master key.


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radiogurl - 2005-06-26 00:56:02
Ack - I hate people like that. You do your job and act like a reasonable human being and you're penalized for it. In fact, it's been shown (don't make me look up the references, I'm too tired) that people who are jerks are most often promoted to top positions. Sad, surreal, and absolutely true.
LA - 2005-06-26 09:56:43
The biggest jerk was put in the Oval Office, don't need any more proof than that! Thank goodness you are doing the right thing. CF has been given every chance (and then some) to step up and do his job. Time for him to be gone. Who knows? Without that bullying, cowardly screw-up around you might even enjoy your job again! You will certainly be able to DO your job again. How much more will you be able to accomplish without having to nurse maid that wretch and his distorted ego? YAY! about the house. Such exciting times for you! Well done. ~LA
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