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2005-06-24 - 11:03 a.m.
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Thank you John Lennon.

OH youse guys are FUNNY!

First off, every woman I've talked to about this who has been married awhile has just LAUGHED at me about this. Like I am a naive little thing when it comes to marriage. And I suppose I am.

So here's my question: How come men get to be in charge of the world? Why do they have the power? Because being King of Indecision is apparently not an office held only by my husband, but men in general. Because really, that "hand that rocks the cradle" saying is actually true....

Seriously...when we were dating and falling in love and stuff, one of the things that made him "unsure" about getting married was that "it was a blind date. Blind dates don't lead to marriage".

Bang head here.

LA's point about giving him the power is well taken. But at this point, I'm gonna leave it with him. Because maybe HE needs to learn a lesson. You snooze you lose, buster.

And it's not like he has to actually DO anything besides say "yes, we should make offer." I arranged the showings. I arranged mortgage approval. I deal with the banks and the agent and basically take care of all the nasty little details.

So whatever. We can live in our house forever. I love our house. But we will drown in Star Trek and other assorted crap memorabilia.

One piece of advice I got kind of pissed me off...Diva said something about him beng stressed at work and me needing to not push because maybe he can only handle being stressed in one area at a time.

Um. No. He doesn't get the get outta jail free card. I don't get that option to opt out. Life happens. And not necessarily in an orderly and planned fashion. You gotta go with it.

Methinks there's a husband who is gonna have a come to jesus meeting.

For a big Beatles fan, he doesn't get it.

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Kim - 2005-06-24 14:55:42
Well, he redeems himself at being a Beatles fan. My husband? Garth freaking Brooks. Oy vey. And yes, part of adulthood is making tough choices and dealing. As you said, you don't get a break from adulthood. He gets a break from it because of you. Maybe put it this way. Either get a new house, SOON, or the Star Trek crap goes on ebay.
radiogurl - 2005-06-24 21:57:23
Beatles and Star Trek - a true child of the 60's, lol. But at least your hubby's content with where you live. Mine kept us moving every two years (or less.) I HATE moving.
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