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2005-06-20 - 11:52 a.m.
"You always had the power, Dorothy...."


So, Husband and I have been in discussions about moving. (duh) And of course, one of the problems with moving is that you just hemorrhage money. A thou here, a couple hundred here, etc, etc. Inspections and surveys and earnest money oh my!

And it's no secret we have some Debt Issues. Not so bad that the bank won't give us a mortgage for a new place, but enough that we count the days till payday, and sometimes it's a close call.

So one of my concerns about moving was the need for some liquid assests...the ability to snag a grand or two and be able to write checks for the unexpected. And we were chatting about possibilities...of which there weren't many. But Husband has this insurance policy that he borrowed from to buy his last it's not worth its full value when it matures, but it IS worth something, and apparently he can cash it out. We talked about it, and decided that since interest on debt is so high, compared with gains in the policy (which he still owes money to), it might be worth it to cash out, have the money handy during moving time, and then pay debt with whatever was left. He has an annuity and 401(k), I have two IRAs and a 403(b), so it's not the only nest egg. He thought there was less than 15K cash out value. Handy, but not life changing.

Well. More than twice that. Enough to pay off our debts and pay for the lighter fluid to set the credit cards on fire. And a tidy bit for the savings account.

I feel like I have lost a hundred pounds. We do ok now. We pay cash for things we used to charge when we were singles. And no, we aren't sacrificing to pay off our debt. Too many dinners out, too many shoes, etc. We're whittling the debt and not adding more. But I NEVER thought we would be out of debt. NEVER. It's just too big, and chipping away doesn't seem like it makes much progress.

We could SAVE. Great googly moogly, we could SAVE.

Fingers crossed that it all works out...

2 comments so far
LA - 2005-06-20 13:51:02
Oh wow! That's so great! YAY! ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-06-20 21:44:09
I hope it all works out for you - and you're right, paying down your debt makes more sense. Think of it this way: if you had to trade, penny for penny, just the INTEREST on the debt vs. the interest you're gaining from the cash-value insurance...
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