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2005-06-18 - 7:37 p.m.
Made a dent

Phew. We actually got something accomplished today.

Broke apart my old computer desk and carted it out of the tiny bedroom. Pitched more crap. Pulled up and sliced up the trashed carpet. Scared to see what was under there....on tv when they pull up carpet, the floors beneath are lovely. That's not happened to me. The bedroom floor isn't lovely, but it's not horrid, either. I think some good cleaning and some elbow grease will make it quite presentable. I tore the wallpaper off the one was BEGGING to be pulled down, and most of it came down easily, with no tools involved. There's still scraping to be done, but the hard part is over.

The hard part of tearing off the wallpaper, anyway. Now I need to paint. But whatever....I can paint. Not fun, but I can do it. The idea is to make the room a TV den....even if we don't move, that will be a good use for the room. We'll need to buy a futon, I think, as the room has no sitting on furniture, and if we move or not, we'll need something futon-like.
Dinner tonight. YUM. Steaks, onion and potato on the grill, and I'm roasting myself some asparagus in the oven. YUM. Husband won't touch the stuff. More for me.

Monday is our next looksee.

Here is the foyer:

And the kitchen:

We did a drive by today. Actually, several. The block it's on is nice. HOWEVER, the block immediately to the west...marginal. We will have to see. I am excited to have a chance to live in a house with historical significance. In addition to being built for an early mover and shaker, there's a good possibility it was designed by a pioneering female architect who did many homes in the teens and 20s before she died of a stroke in her early 40s. More pix after the showing.

and yes, I know Husband will be concerned about any house we look at. We discussed that. He likes to play Mr. This Old House, and pooh pooh everything as inadequate. But he's gotta grok that we are not those people on the show who can buy a 150K house and put 350K in it to make everything perfect. We're the people who have enough to strive for good enough. Or up to code. And when we are looking at houses that are 80 years old, nothing is going to be plumb, there will be cracks in the foundation, and there's no telling what other assorted "charms" they will have. I'm confident that we can find something that will be ok for us both....the "charming oldness" I like, coupled with sound bones for him. I look at what I've done to this place, infrastructure wise. New roof. New water heater. Central air. Basement dewatering/sump pump. New appliances in kitchen, new floors downstairs. New ceilings upstairs, fresh paint. Yeah, there's still a buttload to be done, but I am hoping there is someone out there who will want to pick up where we have left off.

And let us leave with a tidy bit of profit....

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radiogurl - 2005-06-19 01:08:23
The photos are gorgeous. If you don't buy it I wanna buy it. When I get money. Oh yeah, I forgot, I work in radio -- there is no money, lol.
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