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2005-06-17 - 4:25 p.m.
Money Pit

Well, that wasn't Dream House. Neighborhood is on the iffy side...not the neighborhod where the house itself is, but the surrounding streets. According to Husband, the garage is about to fall down. there are old oil tanks in the basement.

And there was a bat. Hanging on the window in the master bath. Yikes.

Oh, I still love it, and I could still make a go of it, but no unless Husband was totally into it, and he's not.

You can see pix by copying and pasting this:

However, I have moved on to looking for another Dream House. Here's the one we are looking at on Monday:

It's actually got a name, like "the so and so house". It was built by some early merchant in town. Saw some interior pix, and it looks nice. And the kitchen is new. The coolest thing? Has a dual staircase. You can go up from the foyer or from the kitchen.

In the meantime, we can spend this weekend decrapping our house.

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LA - 2005-06-17 19:37:51
Bauhaus meets Prairie School, very nice! You are aware that your lovely, but cautious hubs IS going to find something wrong with every house you look at, right? Bats eat mosquitos. Neighborhoods morph and change, not always for the worse. Hubs adores you and would never deny you a dream house, but it's his nature to resist change and justify it logically. If you find your true house o' dreams, then go for it even if there's an open sewer running across the backyard. Okay? ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-06-18 00:27:36
I'm with LA. While hubby's caution may well be justified here, don't arbitrarily dismiss everything just because he finds something wrong with it. Good house-hunting, and don't mind me for being insanely jealous, lol.
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