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2005-06-09 - 4:06 p.m.
Problem children

So how come the Problem Children of the world get the special stuff?

I've seen it at work and in life. I have an aunt who was kind of a screw up. So she got bailed out of her self created messes by my grandfather. Meanwhile, my dad (who has his own issues, to be sure) was playing by the rules and not being a major screw up, and got no "extras".

Now on to the latest at work. Diva. Apparently, even the smallest bit of organization is too much for Diva. Now, I realize there is a small bit of pot-kettle here, because I am by NO stretch an organized person.

Or maybe I am. I have my squirrel piles, but I rarely lose things.

I also don't leave my flotsam and jetsam and detritus all over the public work areas. I keep my crap in my space.

Not Diva. Her desk. An air studio. A control room. Taken over and a mess.

So what does The Boss do? HIRES A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER to help her.

Diva gets overwhelmed by her various tasks. I am not for a minute going to say she has too much to do, because she doesn't. She is a poor time manager. So Diva has volunteers who help her. One did her air shift while she did production work. Another helps her shovel out her office twice a year. Another is going to print labels for CDs she's burned over the years.

I mean.

And the rest of us gerbils on the wheel just make our wheels go faster as the need arises.

But how come? How come the people who don't play well with others, who have various issues, get all the fancy help thrown at them? Because they need it? Maybe it's not so much that she needs help as that she's not competent to complete all the tasks necessary to her job. Should she still get all the help, or should someone have a come to jesus meeting with her?

I don't know.

Maybe I will tidy up my cube now. No one else is going to.

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radiogurl - 2005-06-09 23:18:40
I hear you about the diva stuff - and while I do need voiceovers, I have an overload of female voices, need to break 'em up with male. I'm calling in a couple of favors from guy friends this time - but I may well come begging down the line a bit - and would expect the same if you need a female voice that's not your own ;)
LA - 2005-06-10 09:32:25
I dunno, sweets. I haven't figured out why the bad get saved and the earnest, try hard, play fair, patient, competent people get the shaft either. If I think on it too long my eyeballs begin to pulse and my ulcer wakes up. God, there are days I truly long to be a brat. ~LA
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