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2005-06-07 - 10:56 p.m.

So. Shrinkage today. Lately, I've just been soK..tired of it all. Tired of working at it. I just want to BE. It's all so much work and sometimes it feels like it doesn't do a bit of good. I know that's not really the case, as anyone who reads the archives can tell.

I'm hardly ever homicidal any more.

Anyway, I expressed this...ennui and general irritation to my shrink, who got out her markers and paper and had me DRAW. First I had to pick a color that represented my mood.

I chose brown.

Then I was to close my eyes and let my dominant hand (my left) draw freely. Just....make lines on the paper. So I did..eventually stopped and we looked at my masterpiece. Kind of mean and angry looking. Then she had me choose the color I would like to represent my mood (I said I wanted to feel purple), and use my non dominant hand and do the same thing. It was all swoopy and pretty.

Interesting exercise, though I am not sure what it all means...but I think there's an element of "loosen up already" in there.

Shrink has prescribed coloring.

Well, kind of. I am supposed to spend more time being creative and less time being regimented. She thought the ballroom dancing classes were a great idea.

Work is busy, but an ok busy. Summer is weird there..people come and go as they please, it seems. I was outta there at 4:30, headed over to the gym so I could beat the muscleheads. Did trainer prescribed weight routine and 30 on the elliptical. Good GAWD but cardio is boring as hell. Haven't done much bike went from cold and rainy to 90 degrees, with not much in between. NO, I am not complaining! I just like to ease into 90 degree bike rides.

Because cardio is so boring, I've been updating my mp3 collection. Husband's thousand CDs have come in handy. I've also downloaded some.

I think I would be drummed outta the public radio community if some of those snotty people got wind of my playlist. Lessee....everything from Eminem to Ozzy to Usher to Missy Elliot.

And Suzi Quatro.

Gotta say, I'm loving that Coldplay song, "Clocks". I don't listen to pop radio much, so I hear about artists, and their songs in the media, but I can never put the two together. So it's fun to go poking around and hear something and go "ohhhh, THAAAAT'S Coldplay!"

Hair cut tomorrow. Wheee!

Now Playing: Gwen Stefani "Don't Speak"

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-06-08 23:48:40
Hehehe - you'd love our station. We've got a little of everything. Suzy Quatro no, but Coldplay yes, and pretty much everything from that to classical and jazz!
Kim - 2005-06-09 15:47:31
Interesting exercise. I would've probably hauled out of there when she had me touch a crayon. This isn't the TV show "Starting Over". I guess I'm regimented too ;)
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