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2005-06-05 - 8:05 p.m.
My bad attitude

Ok, the ice show didn't suck as much as I was anticipating.

When I get a big ol 'Tude about stuff and go all negatory, I always end up having more fun that I expected. It was really ok. We totally screwed up the first night, got our acts together for the second and third performances, and it was good. And there are some DAMN talented skaters in the club. I am not one of them, however!

I did wind up choosing our short number for next season, which is cool. We do lots of plodding, marchlike musical numbers. I asked the coach if I could offer some suggestions for music, and went through Husband's collection of more than a thousand CDs to find some stuff, and downloaded some stuff as well. I was hoping we could come up with something a little more upbeat, and was really in love with Elvis' "Little Less Conversation". So I gave the coach the CD and made my pitch for Elvis, and left it like that. She put it on over the PA, and I could see her thinking as she listened, mentally putting skaters together. The team, in the meantime, kind of seemed to like it. And said "I could see a routine when I heard the song", and there we are...... So. Cool. Something fun.

The weekend was a blur. two shows yesterday. Lunch with a friend today. Nap. Practice. Back to work tomorrow. And this week, we take our first ballroom lesson. Wheeee!

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radiogurl - 2005-06-06 01:01:06
Wow - a little Elvis Presley can work wonders for anyone ;) Good luck!
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